1. EfficientNinja

    MacBook Password Recovery Guide

    MacBook users sometimes forget their login credentials if they haven't used their computer for a long time. If you are one of those who cannot log in because of a forgotten password, you will need to reset the password. To reset your password follow these steps: Step 1: Restart. Step 2...
  2. EfficientNinja

    How to connect your Airpods to your macOS device

    To connect your Airpods to macOS devices you do the following. Step 1. On your macOS device, click Enable Bluetooth. With macOS you do not necessarily have to put your headset into the newly connected box. You can open the cover (There are two earphones in the box) or take out the headset to...
  3. EfficientNinja

    How to delete an application on a MacBook

    Users always install the applications that they need on their MacBooks, especially if they are free. But sometimes the application doesn't do what it was advertised to do, or the user is no longer using it and needs to be deleted. However new macOS users do not know how to uninstall unused...