1. EfficientNinja

    Copy movies or other files on your iOS device using iTunes

    Hello everyone! If you are new to iOS and you would like to transfer or copy files to your iPhone or iPad, you should try this. :) Step 1. Download the application that you will use on your iPad or iPhone on the App Store. If you would like to play videos, download VLC. If you need to read PDF...
  2. DenisMNE

    Any app that lets you listen to music in the background that is free ?

    Is there any app which allows you to listen music in the background and it costs nothing ? I have a AudioTube for years, it has been taken off the market for some time and I was unable to find any new ones. Anyone uses some apps that can do it ?
  3. Jedi Knight Muse

    Is there a way to add music directly on iPhone?

    I'm wondering if there is any way to download and add music to the iTunes app directly on the iPhone without using a computer at all (also without using the iTunes store app). I feel inconvenient every time I used iTunes on my PC and it consumed me more time for this work. Please suggest me!