1. gearvita

    Xiaomi XiaoVV XVV-1120S-A1 Smart Panoramic IP Camera - Multi-module Function Free Combination

    The monitoring area of XiaoVV smart panoramic IP camera reaches 360° comprehensive coverage, allowing your angle of view to reach the place that is not usually available. Mijia APP supports multiple viewing modes, such as 360VR, reel, columnar, quad split screen, and dual split screen, which you...
  2. gearvita

    Xiaomi Aqara G2 1080P Smart IP Camera with Gateway Function

    The Xiaomi Aqara G2 1080P IP camera is not only a smart camera but also a smart home gateway based on Zigbee 3.0. In addition to being able to view everything in the home remotely, you can also link smart home door locks, human sensors, and other Aqara smart devices to achieve rich intelligent...
  3. gearvita

    Xiaomi MIIIW MWSP01 Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging Function

    Xiaomi MIIIW MWSP01 wireless charging mouse pad contains normal function and can charge for smartphones which support QI protocol simultaneously. Product Features: ● Aluminum Alloy Knob The knob with intelligent technology can switch light mode, including 16.8 million RGB light color. ●...
  4. vpatella

    Disable Squeeze function on Google Pixel 2?

    Hey all, I have a question about the Pixel 2. I've seen a couple articles about remapping the squeeze function but nothing about disabling it, which I find odd. Is it simply built into the system or is there a way to disable it that I haven't heard about?