1. M

    Any headphones DIY for android users, so they might last longer ?

    I feel like i've lost not just hundreds but tousands of dollars worth of headphones.
  2. sandraharriette

    Customizing uses for tablets and smartphones in home or cars?

    I feel that the handheld use of smartphones is fast on its way to becoming fully obsolete, but there don't seem to be many adopters for the updated uses on the other hand. For concepts that I thought that were impossible feats and ideas of my imagination, I actually saw that they were being...
  3. Fishbate

    Mod your Smartphone Case

    We all want our smartphones to be best looking and at the same time well protected. Some users use different kinds of protective accessories like casings, shields and even custom build enclosures. There are lots of accessories particularly casings in the market, varying from different designs...