1. gearvita

    Baseus Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner - Stands by and Stays Anywhere

    Baseus mini car vacuum cleaner pressurizes with multi-level cyclone air flow and is designed by spiral fan blade, suction up to 4000Pa and rotate speed up to 33000rpm, can collect paper, dust, hair and coin easily. It is small and portable, can be put in storage box, cup slot and pocket of your...
  2. gearvita

    Baseus M25P 10000mAh Mini PD Power Bank - Smaller Than A Poker Card

    Smaller than a poker card but with enough power to recharge your devices a few times! The Baseus M25P 10000mAh power bank is equipped with dual input and dual output - USB-C PD output/input, Lightning input, and USB-A output. Packed with 10000mAh of battery capacity, the M25P is perfect for long...
  3. gearvita

    Baseus D02 Foldable Wireless Headphone Presents More Beautiful Sound to You

    Baseus D02 foldable wireless headphone adopts silicon headband and round smooth appearance design, trendy in terms of trends. Lightweight soft protein leather fits ears, comfortable to wear, no pain even after wearing for a long time. It is able to adjust and rotate to fit for different shapes...
  4. gearvita

    Baseus Bluetooth 4.2 MP3 Player FM Transmitter + Dual USB Car Charger, 2-in-1 Design

    Baseus FM Transmitter Car Charger will provide more convenience for your driving journey. First, 3.4A output ensures fast charge speed for your electronic devices, then the Bluetooth MP3 player function supports you enjoy your favorite music on the way, what's more, it will not be disturbed by...