lg g6

  1. kondziu124

    LG G6 or Nokia 8 - which is the right one for me?

    Hello everyone, I've been reading alot recently and thinking about getting a new phone. To begin with I'd like to stick only to LG G6 or Nokia 8, after lots of reading I think these 2 (in current price point) will mostly suit my needs. However, I can't buy 2 of them and I have to choose one...
  2. Rodney Olson

    Smartphone LG G6 vs V20?

    My friend wants to buy LG v20 smartphone because it has larger screen but the rest he didn't know such as camera, battery health, price,...etc. I did a resarch for both these smartphones but I really don't know which is better. I need some you guys here share your experience about them.