1. BillEssley

    How to download applications over 150 MB using 3G or 4G on iOS 12

    In the past, if you need to correct the date, you can download games over 150 MB using the mobile network on iOS devices, but the above method has not been successful with the new version. The following article will guide you how to download applications over 150 MB by 3G/4G on iOS 12 without...
  2. Lazard

    Where does Mega download to ?

    Hi, i love the new Megaupload successor. It's neat and has a great download speed but something bugs me... :unsure: When you launch a download, it does in the browser and then, when it's finished, the "real" (?) download starts and you can choose a directory. Does it store a temporary file...
  3. GeorgePh

    Samsung A5 2017 Download Problem

    Guys, I have a Samsung A5 2017 and the problem is. Every time I try to download an application that's not from Google PlayStore the anti virus that came with the phone blocks it as a malicious file and can't be open. Do you know what's the solution to this?