1. gearvita

    Awei X680BL Bluetooth Earphone - IPX4 Waterproof, Intelligent Noise Reduction, Four Cavity Sound

    Awei X680BL earphone is supported by the very stable Bluetooth technology version 4.2, the connection to the device does not break, and the transmitted audio band is not distorted. It is controlled by a modern CSR processor, which intelligently manages the energy of itself, one charge of 1.5...
  2. gearvita

    Awei Y280 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker - Music Goes with You As The Shadow

    Portable column Awei Y280 speaker is a stylish device in a waterproof case. The model is equipped with a special strap that facilitates easy carrying, maximum saturated sound is achieved thanks to two speakers with a power of 8 watts. Product Features: ● High Quality Sound With 360-degree...
  3. gearvita

    Share Happiness with Your Lover by Awei T3 Earbuds

    The Awei T3 earbuds is durable, sturdy, and packed with great sound for your entertainment, leisure, sports, and other activities. Designed with your lifestyle in mind, pair in a few seconds with your smartphone, tablet, or music player, and let your favorite music and podcasts drive you...