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  1. marciayudkin

    Replying to Messages from the Lock Screen on Asus Zenfone Android 6

    Replying a message on the lock screen when a message arrives is a feature on Asus Zenfone. To enable this feature on Asus Zenfone (Android 6), follow these steps: Step 1: Click on the message and click on "Install". Step 2: Click on "Notifications". Step 3: Select "Quick Reply". The tip...
  2. marciayudkin

    How to make your Asus Zenfone run faster

    After a long time used Asus phone, your Asus smarpthone can run slower. So how to make your device work steadily, here are a few tips to help your Asus Zenfone run faster. 1. Turn off running applications when not in use Having multiple applications running at the same time affects the speed...