Newly released devices could be replaced with a new one in just a day, hour, minute or even for just a second because of the past phase improvement in our technology. Wanting something with your phone now might not be what you want later after you've seen an advertisement of a new device that is better than what you have or what you are wanting at the moment. Having the latest specs for your device has obviously its own advantages compared to the old ones but did you know it has a disadvantage too?

Having the latest specs makes you look cool, feel good and rely more on your device because of what it is capable of. Is it worth it? Yes and no. Yes, because you'll be able to test the product yourself. Do the things with your device that other devices can't or poor of. having the latest specs could let you do things easier or make a new trick that can satisfy your fantasy of having a device that is capable of doing what you were just dreaming last night or the other day but will your happiness last for a year, month, week or even a day once you've seen a new advertisement of a newer device just now? No, because the technology is faster than what we know it is.Aside from that, getting a new device without reading a review or knowing someone who have tested the device might make it a risk for you to buy it beforehand. Some newly released devices still have flaws. These flaws were experienced by the people who bought and used the device but not all new devices has its flaws. That is why it could be a risk.

Having a device which has the nearest preferred specs you expect, that has been tested, is your best bet. This kind of device lasts longer than having a newly released device which you are not sure of the quality. Either way, this is just a matter of choice. There is still no harm on choosing the latter as long as for you it is the best device you could ever had.
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In the long run, one should only change or upgrade when the old no longer works as intended. I think everyone should make certain they save up as much money as they can so they can survive longer in society, should they ever face a period without a job.

The part where you mention that you could be testing the product? The biggest testing part is already over, you just pay for it and report all bugs. They'll get fixed, but you still have to wait for that fix. Actual "beta" testers don't...
Hello Everyone!

I have watched this video in YouTube browsing for some things that I think was important and useful one.
However I find this so called Smart wallet so I want to ask for member's idea or if any of the member's forum regarding their experience or encounter with this called Smart Wallet..

Try to watch this video, Is it real and true???

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This sounds interesting! I'd love to have something like this, especially since it has a smart lock and a powerbank. I have a powerbank myself, but it's such a hassle to bring, since it's chunky and a little heavy, so this sounds like the perfect thing for me. I do suspect though that it won't have a very large battery life, but who knows.
Joey Mercado
Joey Mercado
@Melancholy Agree with you cause sometimes power bank are chunky and heavy to carry. But not that some power bank also had this tendency that when you use their cable for quite sometimes it will not work and this thing is really close about to perfection cause of its products and services...
Wow. This device is really amazing. Just imagine that you can have all phone accesories in just one wallet. Is this really real and available on all countries now ? The wireless hotspot and power bank is really useful especially when you are on travel. Plus the alarm and the gps tracking is very amazing. However, I wonder how much this cost. I think this is really costly but I think that this is worth it. Plus it is very portable and has very important features.
Looks awesome. I'm sure this is something towards the future where everyone will have one of these. It would make things easier for the police to track and identify thieves. Although, it gets me wondering: What if the person finds a wallet, and checks inside for an ID? Maybe so he can maybe give it it back to the right person, should he find him, or know for certain that it's a wallet filled with stuff and probably forgotten or lost, so he can turn it in at the nearest police station? I...
I never could understand the fact that iPhones tend to cost more than a 1.000 dollars.
I understand that they are very modern and helpful, but do you really think that cost should be that much ?
Most of the iPhones, if not all, are made in China, using cheap labor, so do you think it really should worth that much ?
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There might be valid reasons as to why Apple makes such expensive devices, other than just abusing the hype of their users to increase the initial value of all their latest releases, however I don't see it and even if I did, I still wouldn't buy a single iPhone. Receive one as a gift, yes, but I'm not paying a dime.

I don't understand why people have to go for the most expensive phone, when other brands provide the exact same luxury for a way lower price. I know Apple product sync well with...
YES Absolutely overpriced, my daughter just bought last week a second hand iPhone6, do you know guys how much, It was freaking 200 dollars for that second hand unit. :mad:
Your daughter is somewhat smart though, on a financial scale. The iPhone 6 is an older model and after some searching on Google, it appears that this phone costs around €340 ($375) if it's bought brand new. Not that expensive for a phone from Apple, and 200 dollar is even lower than what I am...
Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
It was freaking 200 dollars for that second hand unit.
If it is still new 99% then it is not expensive for an iPhone, the rest depends on your choice and checks to make sure it is a good iPhone without any errors.
I think so too! I remember when Apple used to sell only 1 to 2 iPhones per year, they were expensive but at least affordable compared to the newer iPhones now. So I've decided to purchase the older iPhones instead and then wait for the newer ones to go cheap maybe 2-3 years later. I don't care if they're old, iOS is still iOS and that is what matters to me. :)
I still prefer Android, but you have my way of thinking. In the end, the older generation of smartphones aren't that bad, they have stats that come close to the newest devices and are 2, 3, sometimes even 4 times as cheap as the latest models.
I just could buy 3 older generation smartphones and...
Instagram Lite has officially launched for phones running Android, in addition to retaining the most basic functions, this application is lightweight and more battery-saving.

Instantly download Instagram Lite lightweight application 1.jpg

You need to visit Google Play and downloading via this link or apk link from the APK Pure to download the app.

Once finished downloading you can launch as typical applications.

Instantly download Instagram Lite lightweight application 2.jpg

The application is exceptionally suitable for low profile machines, but still want to experience the most basic features on the Instagram, or users love the light application, help the machine save memory, load faster and more Save more battery life.

Instantly download Instagram Lite lightweight application 3.jpg

Essential features are retained only removed message parts and some extra features. Download and experience it.

Instantly download Instagram Lite lightweight application 4.jpg

Hope that Instagram Lite will help you use the machine, saving time. If you have any problems during the download process leave a comment below.
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When I was quickly reading through this, I suddenly read APK and the hairs on my skin immediately stood up. But as I read a bit slower and every word of the text block to read that you can download it from the Google Play Store, and the APK download is an alternative, probably for iOS users.

Not that this APK download is dangerous or anything, but I am more than well acquainted with not so legal looking downloads, and had lost my first laptop because I downloaded from too many shady sites...
When I was quickly reading through this, I suddenly read APK and the hairs on my skin immediately stood up.
:D that happened sometimes with me though :p
But as I read a bit slower and every word of the text block to read that you can download it from the Google Play Store, and the APK download is an alternative, probably for iOS users.
I am sure you only trust into Google play resource where you get files or apps from there?
Not that this APK download is dangerous or anything
for all sources?
Not only Google play, I remember downloading an APK (granted, a hacked client of a game) and I had no bad things afterwards. No virusses, no money leeched from my phone, no spam in my mails, nothing. And most apps on Google Play are trusted on that scale, but doesn't mean that some of them aren't a huge waste of time. For example, an app that could give you money for some tasks, and doesn't pay you when you help up your end of the bargain.

But yeah, most of the time, I only download from...
With no master motor, the Xiaomi Mitu Puzzle Building Block Mining Truck is completely driven by the mechanical structure. It uses a small steering wheel to control the skip lift system as well as the truck front wheel transmission. It can be turned freely, and the rear wheel can be operated independently through the differential, allowing the child to fully experience the mechanical structure during the construction and when playing.

It imitates the loading and unloading system of a real car with six large rubber tires, which is perfectly suitable for all kinds of terrain. The truck is compatible with national 3C serious standard and is recommended for all people over 6 years.

Product Features:
● Enlightenment Design Fun
MITU building blocks trucks use the clever connection of more than 500 pieces of wood to restore the shape and transmission structure of the truck as much as possible, full of mechanical design fun. The splicing process is not only the training of patience, but also the enlightenment of imagination.

● Details of Wisdom Are Everywhere
The machanical appeal of the MITU building block truck is not only in appearance, but also the internal mechanical structure is more fascinating.

● Clever Directional Control System
MITU building trucks and mine trucks cleverly set up the direction control system, with a small "steering wheel" to control the direction of the car, driving the road.

● Flip Lifting System
The MITU building block mine car can simulate the loading and unloading action of the car, simply turn the knob and conduct it through the gears to realize the dumping action.

● Wheel Independent Rotation
For a better handling experience, the MITU Building Blocks custom-built a differential that can be used in building blocks to ensure that each tire can be rotated independently, taking the mechanical drive to a new level.

● Six Plastic Soft Tires
The tires of mine cars have extremely high requirements on wear resistance and load-bearing capacity. MITU building blocks are equipped with 6 large-size tires and high-toughness plastic material, which can make the car fully terrain, regardless of desert or plain.

● High-precision Parts for Better Inserting
The parts of the MITU building block truck are injection molded from a 0.005mm high-precision mold, and the detail is beyond the imagination, which creates a thread between the blocks.

● High Standards, High Requirements
MITU building blocks mine trucks meet the national 3C certification standards, and through the exclusive testing standards for toy safety, can safely let children who age 6 or older build blocks.

The entire assembly takes about 100 steps and 3-4 hours. Price at $49.99 on GearVita, it is ideal for parents to bring their children deeper to unlock the mystery of mechanical design:

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Xiaomi Mitu Building Block Mining Truck.jpg
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