Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, I want to connect it to my computer. How can I do this?
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You need to use a cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro to your computer, it is the basic connection for transferring data, files, music, etc. from the computer to the phone as well as vice versa. You can connect your Samsung Android to your computer easily through the following steps.

Step 1: Connect the USB cable to the computer and the other end to the phone port (USB standard C, micro usb).

During the connection, if the driver is missing, it will automatically download.

You can also connect your J7 using Samsung Kies. This software is specially made for Samsung units. This software will not only sync your phone to a PC or Laptop, it also have features where you can use for troubleshooting, file transfer and capability sharing.

Including in the software are essential drivers that enables you to control other components like camera and WiFi of the phone thru the connection.

Here are the links and article for your reference...
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