The Lenovo Watch 9 smartwatch constellation series is the new color scheme of the Lenovo Watch 9, the exclusive pattern of each constellation is also drawn in the dial. It is a smart quartz watch with sapphire mirror glass and 5ATM waterproof technology, supports message reminder, gesture photo, sports sleep record and the sleep monitor function will tell you your sleep quality. Built-in high quality movement, no need to charge, the battery can be used for 8 months on standby.

Libra - Designed for Beauty
Libra is bom to pursue beauty, willing to be trivial, willing to be normal, but will not be willing to be mediocre. Ingenious design process, create a sense of security that belongs to you only, looking forward to noble and distant.

Virgo - Meticulous Design Inspiration
Virgo design inspiration, reasonable and diligent from Virgo, clear mind and the pursuit of perfection. Using a stylish cotof system, generous, calm, stylish. Intellectual, open, pursue your cwn inner beauty.

Leo - True Temperament Design Ideas
Passion, sunshine, confidence, generous starts design language of Leo, it is difficult to interpret the true nature of the lion. The world's evaluation is not the most important, my feelings are the most important, this is the last and the first reluctance of Leo.

Product Features:
● Superb Skill
The constellation is inspired by the stars, sapphire glass mirror material, steel case, silicone strap, luminous pointer, let the beautiful watch blend into the stars of the sky.

● Quality Chip, Long Battery Life
Imported Citizen gearbox and Nordic imported smart chip, integrating technology with the stars, up to 12 months of battery life.

● Life Waterproof
5ATM grade waterproof sealing process, guarantee normal use under 50 meters water pressure.

● Information Never Missed
Personalized hipsters, always master new information. After setting permissions, SMS, information (QQ, WeChat, etc.) including incoming calls will vibrate in the first time, and use the second hand to indicate the user, short press or shake your wrist to hang up.

● New Way to Take Pictures
Intimately integrated into the gesture camera function, enter the camera interface of the watch app, short press or shake the watch to take a quick photo, tailored for your self-portrait, don't miss the meteor that is drawn every moment.

● Cares About Your Health
Have a motion calculation, sedentary reminder function,let every day of vitality be traced, closer and moreintimate, always pay attention to your health.

● Sleep Monitoring
Skin-friendly material straps and lightweight weights for watches, more suitable for sleep wear. More accurate sleep monitoring function, can pass the body movements when you sleep, ahfvays monitor your sleep duration and sleep quality.

● Data Synchronization
When Bluetooth has paired your smartphone, you can synchronize your data with your Android phone and iOS phone. It gives you a real-time evaluation of your exercise throughout the day.

This Lenovo Watch 9 smartwatch constellation series is designed for Libra, Virgo and Leo. Believe you are no stranger to Lenovo Watch 9, with four different color schemes of watch face and strap on GearVita, this series may be more eye-catching:

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Just curious if anyone here has tried the game and enjoyed it.

I'm not a big fan of build-your-own-character style RPGs, but the item gathering and exploration mechanic seems interesting. This looks like a potential huge time-sink for me and I just want to hear about what people think of this game before I buy it.
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Assuming you're talking about this game, I don't know if it's worth buying it. It looks like your average sandbox survival game with a bit of Pokemon included. Seems fun to me, I can understand why you'd want this. Heck, I even want to try it out. But €7,50 with no sure way that it'll actually be fun enough? I don't know.

I'm going to look at a few gameplay videos, maybe try to find a demo, and I'll get back to...
As the tittle says, what games are the absolutely most competitive and are able to be played online? I, myself am a very competitive person and i just absolutely love the feeling of competing with someone, i love the challenge and the thrill in each and every game. Now, when it comes to phones i haven't really found too many games of this sort. So i would really like if you could recommend me a good one that will keep me at the edge of my seat.
Thanks a lot in advance, have a nice day, peace :)
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For me, Mobile Legends is the best game to play online as you can play it using your smartphone. You can play it anywhere and anytime. As for you being competitive, there are different tiers, the higher your tier the more good players you can play with. And there are so many good players around the world the you can compete with. Second to Mobile Legends that you might get interested is Rules of Survival, the mobile version of PUBG, base on some reviews (RoS) graphic and game play is much...
I usually refrain from competitive games on phones. Not only because my phone is always a cheaper model, causing my phone to overheat from most of these games, but also because I can't properly handle games on such a small screen. Once you go bigger you can't go back.

So when it comes down to competitive games for my phone, I usually stick with something that I can play ocassionally, like Final Fantasy XV: a new empire. I can only play for 10 or 15 minutes, and then there is nothing I can...

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