The Kingwear KW88 Pro smartwatch is not just a fitness tracker that logs your daily activities including steps, calories, and distance, but also serves as a wearable phone with GSM + WCDMA network support, as well as measure your heart rate with the built-in high-quality sensor. Powered by a quad-core MTK6580 processor, it has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM to offer plenty of room to store your favorite media, apps or games. The smartwatch runs Android 7.0 operating system with access to millions of apps and games available at Google Play Store.

Product Features:
● Quad-core MTK6580 Processor
Equipped with an excellent CPU which is MTK6580 quad core 1.3GHz, to make its system reaction speed like the flash.

● Android 7.0 OS
Connects you with thousands of APPs that you can tailor to your taste.

● 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM
Provides the memory 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM, to indulge you in the free entertainments with the enough space.

● 1.39 inch AMOLED Screen, 400 × 400 pixels
Using 1.39 inch AMOLED round screen with space cutting technology, an awesome display as well as the hypersensitive touch, which can supply you the clear and vivid display even in the glare.

● Apphire Crystal Glass
Prolonged wear-resisting because of its screen of sapphire crystal glass mirror surface.

World is on your hand, easy communication makes people closer. You have the best way to experience the network.

● SIM Card/Bluetooth Phone Call/Answer
You can dial or answer a phone call from your wrist watch.

● Weather Live
Keeps you updated weather information anytime and anywhere.

● GPS Navigation
Supports Google map with high accurate GPS components, voice navigation is available.

● Heart Rate Live
High accuracy heart rate sensor helps you to know your heart rate status anytime and anywhere, be your own immediate health steward.

● Notification Reminder
Vibrating to remind you there is a notification of your cellphone such as the notifications of incoming call, SMS, Facebook, WhatApp, emails and other Apps, while the Bluetooth is being connected.

● Phone Book/Call Log/Message Sync
Easily realize information synchronization with your universal smartphone, more convenient to users.

● Bluetooth Music Playing
Enjoy splendid music anywhere and anytime.

● Pedometer
Record the steps you take and count the distance to make you fully control your sports.

● 2.0MP Camera
You can freely take photos by using the camera of the watch or remote control your universal smartphone.

● 350mAh Li-lion Battery
You can use your smartwatch phone to call, take photos, play QQ or WeChat about 3 days.

● Sedentary Reminder Function
Monitor your health at all times and remind you to work properly and exercise properly.

● OTA Wireless Upgrade
Available with easy one click upgrade online, to give the best user experience.

Refuses mediocrity, breath freely, bloom charm in the exclusive space:

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Xiaomi Mijia power inverter car socket charger is a perfect solution for people who spend a lot of time on the road and wish to use devices usually powered from the mains. Thanks to power inversion function, you can use cigarette lighter port to power your notebook, video camera, mobile phone charger or DVD player.

Product Features:
● High Quality Material
Made from the best ABS fireproof material that can last up to 200 degrees for a long time.

● Fast Charging
Two AV outlets and dual USB charging ports with total 3.1A, support fast charging with max 5V/2.4A output, ideal for powering mobile devices.

● 100W Rated Power
100w ac rated output power can meet the demand of portable electrical appliances and charging equipment.

● Ultra-compact and Lightweight Design
Portable cup design, easy to carry and convenient to use, directly plug in any 12V cigarette lighter socket.

● Advanced Protection
Full protection and auto-shutdown keep your appliance and car from overheating, overloading, low load, short circuit, low voltage and over voltage.

● Without Fan Construction
No fan to reduce the noise, keep in a quiet environment for your driving trip.

● Magnetic Absorption Cover
The USB and socket hole are combined by magnet design, reduce the damage to your power supply, dustproof and anti-electric shock when not in use.

This Xiaomi 100W car charger power inverter is for road trips. Simple to plug into the car cigarette lighter, and enjoy two USB ports and AC outlets for convenient charging on the road:

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Huawei Honor Flypods Youth is a TWS Bluetooth earphone that supports double-clicking touch control, allowing you to get rid of the constraints of cables and bring a free experience. With the in-ear style design, it is very convenient when driving and doing sports.

Product Features:
● Automatic Matching
Automatically sense the wearing state, remove the headset will automatically pause the music.

● Compatible with Android and iOS System
With a signal distance of 10m, whether you are traveling, shopping, sports or home, your mobile phone is inseparable.

● Exquisite Fashion
The color is beautiful, the earphones are streamlined surface design, simple and stylish.

● Double Click to Summon Voice Assistant
Double-click the left earphone to call the mobile voice assistant, support Huawei Honor voice assistant YOYO, Siri and so on.

● Double Click to Control the Music and Incoming Calls
When you call, double-click on either side of the earphone to answer or hang up. When wearing the earphones, double-click the earphone on the right to play/pause the music.

● Noise Reduction Call
The left and right earphones are equipped with two high-precision and high-performance silicon microphone, which match the call noise reduction technology, and collect and process the environmental noise during the call to achieve better call performance.

● Smart Binaural Calls
You can switch between the left and right earphones when calling, and you can answer the call with one ear and two ears.

● Stereo Sound
The high-quality dynamic unit and balanced adjustment technology make the sound clearer and the middle and high frequency more thorough, bringing a rich and detailed sound effect.

● IP54 Dustproof and Splashproof
After professional nano-coating treatment and waterproof structure design, the earphone has passed the IP54 third-party professional certification. Whether it's sweating or raining, the earphones work properly.

● More Comfortable to Wear
Ergonomic in-ear design with three models of earmuffs and sporty breathable earmuffs, skin-friendly silicone for comfortable fit.

With the coupon code "HUAWEI10", this Honor Flypods youth version can enjoy 10% discount:

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Lenovo Watch S smartwatch features a new dial design along with sapphire glass, and calfskin leather band. It is capable of sleep tracking, calories counting and recording of numbers of steps taken. Also, it can vibrate to notify user when there is a new call or message, and with the ability to remotely taking pictures from smartphones. 5ATM certificated to water resistant, allows you to wear it while swimming.

Product Features:
● Calfskin Strap
Non-embossed top layer calfskin, no need for any modification, no matter the sporty or business style, it is very suitable.

● Premium Sapphire Glass
Comes with a premium sapphire glass on the top which has 9H hardness rating and good light transmittance.

● Stainless Steel Shell
The shell adopts zinc alloy sandblasting and vacuum ion plating process, with excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance. Its light weight makes it suitable for long-term wear in daily life.

● Luminous Pointer
High brass pointers, polished in batches, make you see clearly in the dark.

● High Quality Movement
The imported gearbox and the Nordic imported smart chip makes the structure more reliable and the control more intelligent.

● 5ATM Waterproof
Ensures normal use under 50 meters water pressure, you can feel free to wash your hands or swim.

● Bluetooth Smart Connection
Based on Bluetooth technology with low power consumption and long-distance transmission, the connection distance is farther and more stable, supported Android mobile phone, iOS 8.0 or above. You can maintain a stable connection within the range of 15 meters to 25 meters, and also can upgrade the watch APP firmware online.

● Intelligent Time Adjusting
The mobile phone and the watch are interconnected, you can use the pointer in the APP to adjust the time.

● Find Your Phone Function
Short press the side button twice quickly, the watch will automatically trigger to find the phone function once the watch vibrates once, and the phone will automatically ring.

● Alarm Reminder
After the mobile phone and the watch are interconnected, the alarm time can be set through the mobile phone APP. You can enjoy a gentle vibrating wake-up service every morning.

● Incoming Calls and Messages Reminder
After the permission is set, calls and messages will vibrate at the first time, short press or shake your wrist to hang up the phone.

● Sleep Quality Monitoring
Monitor your sleep duration and sleep quality through your body movement during sleep.

● Fitness Keeper
Great for workout and running, capable of monitoring your steps and creating scientific running guidance for you, helps to improve your health status anytime and anywhere.

● Sedentary Reminder
Automatically monitor your activity status, and when you sitting for a long time, it will send you vibration reminder.

● Gesture Photo Taking
Enter the watch APP camera interface, short press or shake the watch to quickly take pictures.

The Watch S with exquisite appearance and is available in two color options, black shows your maturity and red shows your elegance:

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A software update has been pushed on my Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 7.0 (Nougat). I do not wish to update, is there a way to get rid of the notification? I don't really want to use an App to disable this but if it requires an app for that then you can suggest me. Many thanks!
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I don't think that you need any sort of application to disable the notification of software update. There is a shortcut to which you can easily solve this problem without getting all worked up about accidentally updating the software and losing your data or current software which you prefer.

Just draw down the notification bar from your phone and long-press on that update software notification. It will turn to blue color and show Android System.

Tap on the notification and have it...
Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
I tried many ways but some people said, it is not possible remove a software update notification on Samsung smartphone.
Is there actually a reason why you don't wish to update? For Windows, at one time, I remember the April 2018 update, which completely messed up my sound. I couldn't get any audio from whatever device I plugged in. Apperantly it were problems with the Realtek software, which are fixed now, so I suppose that's a reason not to update, but at one point, wouldn't it be best to update?

I would just update ocassionally and revert if something is wrong and really bothering me.
Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
Is there actually a reason why you don't wish to update?
My smartphone is running as well with the current version of Android, newer version can require more resource to run or appear more issues if I upgrade to it. So, I would keep the current version.
You mean that it downloads and updates things that don't matter to you, but cause those things to require more of your RAM and memory? Because if that's really true, then that is indeed a good reason to refrain from updating a smartphone.

But I don't spend that much time on the phone, so I just...
Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
But I don't spend that much time on the phone, so I just keep up to date to ensure my phone is secured.
You are right, I updated to the lasted version of Android and my smartphone is running as well know. More new features are updated and I really like them, I think I should upgrade regularly to keep my smartphone updated and better secure.

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