As the title, what can I do to make my laptop run faster? What already helped for me was turning off several start up programs, and deleting things that take up a lot of memory space. I deleted about 33% of my memory space.

But a certain game I can still play on my old laptop at the fastest settings, still doesn't run fast enough for me. Anything else I could do to make my laptop run faster?
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If you're using Intel as a processor you can try overclocking your laptop using Intel Extreme Tuning, don't worry it is an Intel program so you can guarantee that it will not break your laptop. As well as try subscribing to Malwarebytes this program really helps a lot because maybe your laptop has a malware then it will kill it and also repair some programs. Hope this helps :)
If you mean external means then you can custom your laptop as you want, the only issue here is that's gonna cost money, it's surly not free, a couple GB of ram can help maybe even a better processor, and a graphics card, can get you to play what ever game you like, if not and you just mean internal adjustments then I would suggest that you first of all avoid google chrome, avoid bluestacks and all kind of software that consumes ram, and secondly don't install too much on it, third thing and...
This Cherry Mobile is a Smart Phone from the Philippines. It also have some features typically with every smart phones have. Some of them have built in TV and radio. I'm not sure if its already available outside the Philippines. What do you think guys?
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Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
I have never heard about this brand before, maybe it only works for your country. :)
I am using cherry mobile before and I could say that they could compete with other smartphones about the specs but they couldn't compete about the camera. I am using cherry mobile amber before and I am contented about it wayback 5 years ago. It was very useful to me and it wasn't easy to drain the battery, but our technology today have improve so fast and cherry mobile is being left behind with the present smartphones.
So I've had an iPad Air since 2013. I bought a 128GB model of the first gen iPad Air and i loved it. I used it for multimedia consumption such as movies, youtube, skype calls, etc. However, recently it finally died on me and now i'm in the market for a new tablet. I'm currently using an Nvidia Shield but that too seems to be dying/on it's way out after a few years of heavy use. :( I'm not sure if I should buy another iPad or a new android based tablet. :( I can't decide. I don't wanna spend more than say $600 if I can help it.
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iPad versions are good options but if you need to make phone call on your tablet, you could think about a Samsung tablet, it has same specifications like iPad but easier to use and you have the opportunity to use Android, a good smartphone OS.
I was wondering if you weren't sure if you wanted to buy another tablet while you still have one, in which case I would say no, unless it's for work, but then work should pay you one.

Here's the thing: Do you love to interact with a tablet, and use it a lot? If so, then I don't see why you shouldn't buy a new one. But I would also consider swapping to an Android tablet, mainly due to the big difference in price.
Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
I was wondering if you weren't sure if you wanted to buy another tablet while you still have one.
If you want to play heavy games you may need a new tablet with high specs, also new tablets always give you the latest technology.
Stay with ios as latest ipad have better resolutions than samsung or android base tablet in the market.
The price of ipad seems fair to the technologies that is available on the unit.
I have been using my iPhone 6 for 3 years now. I know for the fact that batteries on mobile phone wears out in time. I brought my phone in Apple service center, but the staff is hesitant to accept my phone to be checked because I bought it abroad. It should've been a free replacement if I bought my phone here in the Philippines. In addition, they have a service fee if they will open my phone, but they say it does not guarantee if they can fix it.

What I did was I have my batteries replaced outside Apple Store. I know it'll not be long lasting but they did it right away, and it's cheaper.

I wonder if that is really how Apple service center deal with this. Is it just here in my country or the same goes everywhere?
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There are countries that don't have Apple service centers specially in some Asian countries but having said that, there are accredited service centers that provide repairs and parts replacements for multiple brands. Also in terms of repair, cheap is not the way to go in my opinion. If you want your unit to be reliable or worth the repair. Go for genuine parts and accredited services.
You have a very good point about this subject on needing to repair one's iPhone or other electronic gadgets that needs spare parts. It would be a grave mistake to go for cheap repairs with cheap spare parts, because it's only going to make matters worst for your device if it didn't damage it...
As far as I know, in Belgium you can turn in a smartphone for repairs at the store you've bought it from, or send it to a certain address from the brand you've bought, so long as it falls within warranty rights. Just like with you, if you bring it in at any other store, they might be able to fix it for you, but because you didn't buy the phone from them, I think they are afraid of making the warranty null and void when they open it up for check up. And if they can't fix it, you got yourself...
Why you wanna replace?
GameSir T4 controller is known primarily for mobile and PC gaming peripherals. While it is designed for wireless gaming on the PC, PS3 and Android devices, it also works on the Nintendo Switch. It is compatible with Windows 7 or above through wired and 2.4GHz low delay transmission wireless connection.

Product Features:
● Wireless and wired two connection modes.
● Strong signal intensity, 2.4GHz wireless connection over 10 meters.
● Configurable M1 - M4 buttons for assign complex in-game macros.
● Dual vibration motors with adjustable vibration intensity for real-time and realistic gaming experience.
● D-pad and joystick, feel instant feedback without lag.
● Ergonomic design, adjustable colorful LED lights, translucent anti-slip texture offers brand new hand hold.

With this gamepad you can start to change your game mode, add it to your PC to play as you would with any other console and forget about losing your games:

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mi band 4 chinese version

GameSir T4 Controller.jpg
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