The Xiaomi LOVExtend is a 3-in-1 device that works as a power bank, a flashlight, and a grocery bag carrier. It has an ABS body which houses a 3000mAh portable battery bank, which has a 5V/1A input and output port. The LOVExtend can be opened to gain access to the input port, this is also the way to use it as a grocery bag carrier to reduce the strain of shopping bag handles, the maximum weight supported is 10kg. The device has a power button on the top for turning on/off the flashlight, which has a spherical reflector and uses a 150MA LED lamp with a luminous flux of 30 Lux.

Product Features:
● High quality ABS + PMMA material.
● 3000mAh lithium battery.
● Ergonomic 90° opening and closing design, fits the finger curvature.
● Built-in 150MA LED lamp beads.

The LOVExtend is 10.3cm long and has a diameter of 3cm, it comes in black, gray and green. Priced at only $19.99, with a coupon code "MISALE10" that also earns a 10% discount:

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Xiaomi LOVExtend.jpg
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Xiaomi Rosou GS2 garment steamer is a hanging hot machine and an electric iron, while meeting the two requirements of hanging hot and flat ironing. Hanging Hot can remove wrinkles, flat ironing can fix the shape, the two methods can be switched at will. The steam is quickly discharged in about 30-35 seconds, and the output is continuously stable. The steam is powerful and the ironing is faster and more labor-saving. 25mm thick metal, waterproof structure, will not hurt the clothing. 100ml water tank handle capacity, which can be disassembled, 700g lightweight body, can be placed easily in the travel box.

Product Features:
● Large panel without a frame, fast ironing speed.
● 2.5mm thick metal, waterproof structure, lock the heat.
● Anti-water drop design, will not get wet clothes.
● Coated to protect clothes, do not damage the clothes.
● Powerful gathering of energy steam for rapid heating, overflowing steam quickly in about 30 to 35 seconds.
● The water tank is the handle, and the translucent water tank is clearly visible.
● The tank handle can be removed, and be put in a suitcase and take it to travel.
● Not picky clothes, suitable for all kinds of fabrics.
● Safety anti scalding gloves, protect your hands.
● 1.8 power cord, more convenient length.
● The indicator light prompts to accurately enter the working state.

Put GS2 in the suitcase, take it to travel, always keep the texture of your clothes, in order to maintain a beautiful mood and a pleasant trip:

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Xiaomi Rosou GS2 Handheld Garment Steamer.jpg
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Baseus mini car vacuum cleaner pressurizes with multi-level cyclone air flow and is designed by spiral fan blade, suction up to 4000Pa and rotate speed up to 33000rpm, can collect paper, dust, hair and coin easily. It is small and portable, can be put in storage box, cup slot and pocket of your car to save much space. Thanks to the wireless handheld design, you can say goodbye to cable and twining wire.

Product Features:
● Weights only 0.5kg, mini and compact, easy to store.
● Cell phone size, one-handed operation.
● One-key start and 4000pa strong suction.
● High-quality aviation alloy, durable and resistant to impact.
● Innovative wireless technology.
● Three power batteries, triple battery life, one charge can be used 7 times.
● Use of multiple scenarios, such as office keyboard, sofa gap, car seats, etc.
● Stainless steel filter, triple filtration, can be washed directly.
● Alloy motor and pure copper core, strong wind and no excessive heat.

Baseus mini car vacuum cleaner is able to clean any corner deeply of your car. Pick up and use it, within 30 seconds of waiting for the traffic light, it will solve your troubles:

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Baseus Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner.jpg
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Recently, Apple has introduced to everyone a major update in iOS 13, creating a new look, optimizing the applications you use every day. So what are all the new features updated on iOS 13?

1. Dark Mode
iOS 13 will be the first update to integrate Dark Mode, one of the features that iOS users expect long ago. Accordingly, the Dark Mode feature will change the entire device interface to dark, creating a more comfortable feeling for your eyes, especially when using the machine at night.

1 New features are updated on iOS 13.jpg

2. The camera is upgraded with many features.
Apple has added Portrait Lighting to understand it simply: Take a new portrait light photo with a white background. Users can also adjust the light level to a satisfactory level.

2 New features are updated on iOS 13.jpg

There is also a nice monochrome effect in your portrait mode.

Next photo editing interface is upgraded to become easy to use and has more features. And almost every tool and effect you use on the camera can be used in video, including rotate, crop, auto adjust and enhance.

3 New features are updated on iOS 13.jpg

3. Integrated AI photo application.
At the main interface of the Photo application, add the Year / Month / Day button so you can view the Memories (Memories) based on the specified time frame.

4 New features are updated on iOS 13.jpg

4. Good support for AirPods and HomePod.
You can pair two AirPods with one iPhone easily, enjoy the same song or movie with your friends and relatives.

5 New features are updated on iOS 13.jpg

5. Reminders application is refreshed.
This completely refreshed Reminder application on iOS 13, Apple helps users to create quick and smarter reminders and manage and categorize reminders more easily.

6 New features are updated on iOS 13.jpg

6. New CarPlay dashboard.
Introducing the completely new CarPlay dashboard to give you a simpler view of the road ahead.

7 New features are updated on iOS 13.jpg

7. Improve performance.
iOS 13 is even faster than iOS 12. For example: Unlocking Face ID can be 30% faster. The application is also launched twice as fast and has a smaller download size than before.

8 New features are updated on iOS 13.jpg

8. Memoji and messages.
You can make your Memoji more unique with innumerable: New hairstyle, headwear, makeup ... Memoji will automatically become a part of your keyboard, and you can easily use them for Messaging, mail, and third-party applications.

9 New features are updated on iOS 13.jpg

Above are all the features that I think are quite interesting on iOS 13 officially launched shortly. You will be satisfied with any feature, don't hesitate to try it and experience it for yourself!
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You have many different CH Play accounts, and it often takes a lot of time to log out and log back in when you change CH Play account. Because of that, here I will guide you on how to transfer accounts on Google Play in a simple way

1. How to add a Google account to the device
2. How to change accounts on CH Play (Google play)

1. How to add a Google account to the device
Step 1
: Go to Settings


Next, select Cloud and accounts.

cloud and accounts.jpg

Step 2: Touch Accounts

Step 3: Select Add account

At the Add account interface, select Google.

Step 4: Enter the account name and password> Select Next

Enter the name of the account
Enter the account password

2. How to change accounts on CH Play

Step 1: Access the CH Play app

Step 2: Click on the 3 dashes icon above the corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click the right account icon on the screen, then your account will be changed.

The above guide is how to change CH Play account on the phone.
Good luck!
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