A few months ago, I received a Popsocket related to the newest book of Julie Kagawa, and since my protective case is kind of breaking, I decided to finally equip it to my smartphone. I dare say, it feels kind of nice, and now I was wondering how many of you are using a Popsocket.


For those of you who don't know what a Popsocket is, it's basically a little thing you stick on the back of your phone, and you can then use it to have a better grip on your phone, or better roll up your earpods with.
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I have read that this game application is safe to use.I personally never used it, but I have read that other members did.This application enables you to play Androind games on your PC.There is another quality application, called Memu which is another excellent choice.
Many people ask me this question, technically it's safe, but the software will continue to download random and bloatware apps until you pay. I don't know if this is changed, but anyway is safe, one of the famous Android emulator for Windows. ... Or you can also use nox app i like it much than bluestacks.

What is your thoughts? Is it safe or not?
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I've used several Android Emulator since 2015 and what I am currently using now to play mobile games on PC/Laptop is Bluestacks. I prefer Bluestacks than the others because it has higher android version thus it is compatible to play some games which require a high android version. Also, it has its own application market to download the app you cannot find in Playstore. Speaking of its safety, I do believe that it is SAFE. That is guaranteed by my experience. Never in my life I've encountered...
I personally don't think that it is safe, Reading up on the software and hearing from users there is more issues, then what comes out good of it.
I am not so sure about this but the advertisements make me feel uncomfortable to use Bluestacks nowadays. I know it is safe because it has been tested by many other users and it works really fine. I just always make sure not to click any suspicious links or banners.
I want to give you tips on 5 best strategy games on your Android
So let's begin.

1. Clash Royale
Clash of Clans game developers come in yet another great game called Clash Royale in which you fight other players in battle-based battles and try to destroy the enemy's royal tower while trying to defend your own.
To be successful in this game, you will need to learn the positive and negative sides of all cards, and use them strategically during the battle. If you make one wrong step and play one wrong card, you can lose the battle. Therefore, play very smartly and be patient.
The longer you play the game and the more trophies you collect, you unlock more cards. In-app purchases can speed up this process, and the game itself is free to download .


2. Plague Inc.
Plague Inc. is a simulation of the global spread of the virus. Starting from a common cold, players develop a virus through the game by adding new ways of transmission, new symptoms and new resistance. In addition, through the game players unlock various new types of viruses that can be used to develop new global diseases.

The game is free to download, and in-app purchases can be solved by advertisements and unlocked to fasten the game success.


3. HeartStone
Heartstone is a free card-based game, in which each player uses Monster and Warcraft universe based warcraft wars to eliminate opponents in online battles. Each of the nine heroes available in the game has their own special ability, and set the cards specific to him. This game is no doubt the best free card game.


4. Plants vs Zombies 2
Plants vs. Zombies is reasonably respected by the franchise of mobile games.

The bizarre fact that you defend your yoke from the horde of zombies with sunflowers and peas (literally weapons based on peas) is definitely one of the reasons, but this game also requires a lot of tactical thinking in terms of selecting plants / weapons for defense and placing them on the battlefield. Through the game, zombies become smarter and cause your quick reaction, which makes this game more interesting from moment to moment.


5. Star Command
This game is a retro-style strategic retro-style sci-fi game, in which a player is commanding a spaceship that seems to have just been pulled out of Star Trek movie. The player chooses the ship's crew, controls improvements, and moves into intergalactic adventures that usually end up fighting with grotesque alien beings. By the time of the crew, the ship improves its skills, which enables them to better manage the boat and better navigate in the various situations in which they find themselves.

The game costs $ 2.99

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Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
I have installed Plants vs Zombies 2 on both my devices are computer and android phone, it is a very interesting game and there are many different ways to defeat zombies in this game :)
I have played the plant vs zombie's 2 before in my classmate's phone. And it's better than the first plant vs zombie's game. But until now i still didn't play plant vs zombie's 2 in my own phone because I don't have enough storage in my phone but i still want to play that in my own phone sometime's. I only played plant vs zombie's 1 in my phone and of course i want to try the newest plant vs zombie's.
Clash of clans It's based on skill so if you are getting miss matches. It means you are more skill than people at your level. And the ones you are fighting are less skilled. But they should change it to maybe everyone gets a max th11 in crawl so it’s the level playing field for all or something like that.
Replacing batteries can be a great way to improve performance, if the iPhone has been used for a year.

According to technology companies in United States, smartphones are going to be fixed to reduce performance once the battery down; to avoid the situation, the device is all of sudden off the supply. Responding to Apple's claim, many customers express anger at the company's failure disclosing the "feature" publically. Some users have been sued by Apple for causing the iPhone maker to slow down "causing economic damage and other problems" to them.

Why did Apple do that?
Some users who have encountered the status of iPhones are self-crashing despite a few percent of battery life.
Apple then silently released software updates to prevent this situation, which reduced the performance to reduce battery consumption.

What to do if iPhone runs slow.jpg

US Technology Company confirmed the correction is only to fix the problem, not to attract users to buy new iPhone. But experts say that Apple has better ways of solving these problems. One of the options is that, users are allowed to turn on or off performance in settings. This is also a reasonthat makes iPhone to get slow down. Or Apple can make easier battery replacement,such as discounting the service.

Which iPhone is affected?
In theory, Apple could slow down all old iPhone models. However, the company claims oninterfering in certain models.
Manufacturers made their debut last year for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone SE.
Recently, the company added to the list of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, through iOS 11.2 update. Apple said it plans to apply for other models in the future.

Settings to speed up iPhone
Before replacing the battery, make sure your iPhone is not slowed down for other reasons. Your device should be updated to the latest iOS, and install the latest version for all apps. In addition to fixing bugs and adding features, the following versions can limit the status of iPhone running slow and help patch vulnerabilities.
Also, check your iPhone has enough free memory. Go to Settings> General> Storage & iCloud Usage to proceed to freeing up memory. Users can also use services like Google Photos or Dropbox to store photos, videos and then delete them on the iPhone.
Other options for accelerating iPhone include turn off background services, location-based settings for individual apps, and turn off motion effects.

Replace the battery

What to do if iPhone runs slow 1.jpg

If you find your iPhone slower by battery, you can replace it with a new one. Of course to do this, users mayneed support of technicians.
At Apple's service centers, the cost of replacing the battery is $ 79 (about $ 1.8 million), which takes 3-5 days. Some outlets also offer this service at a lower cost, however users should consider credibility points to avoid replacing poor quality batteries.

What to do to extend the battery life
iPhone uses lithium-ion batteries and its performance will decrease over time or depending on usage conditions. According to Apple, after every 500 cycles of charging, the battery performance on the device dropped at 80%. If used correctly, the iPhone battery will last longer.
Make it too hot or too cold. If the phone is hot, it is best to turn it off and allow it to cool before turning it on again. When not using the unit for a long time, you should charge at least 50% of the battery before storing it. Since storing more than six months,make sure to charge the battery before use.
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Yes these mobile phones are made only for a few years, so the person is forced to buy another last few years, and companies continue to bill
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
If someone could write the step by step process how to speed up old iPhone, it would be really helpful.
Hope these steps would help.
1. Delete or reinstall apps that take up a ton of space
2. Disable location services for apps that don’t need GPS
3. Reduce iOS animation features like Parallax and increase contrast
4. Clean out old photos and videos. Backup old photos and videos
5. Disable “Background App Refresh”
6. Clear old text messages
7. Try updating to iOS 9
ZMI LPB02 flashlight is equipped with aluminum alloy body, which is durable and supports IPX6 waterproof. Built-in LG high-density lithium-ion 5000mAh battery, it can meet 3600 minutes of lighting and is also a power bank that can be carried on the plane, supports two-way fast charge. It also supports 5 levels of light intensity adjustment, and can be used as a small desk lamp with the included soft mask in the low level mode.

Product Features:
● Minimalist aluminum body, lightweight and portable, with round hole dot matrix anti-slip design.
● Imported lamp beads, with a service life of 10,000 hours and 500 lumens, and the longest range can reach 110m.
● 5000mAh large capacity battery, can meet 3600 minutes/60 hours of lighting.
● Two-way fast charge, USB-C input port and USB-A output port, achieves up to 12W output.
● IPX6 waterproof, can be used normally outdoors even in heavy rain or worse weather.
● 5 level modes adjustment, matches with the soft light mask to make the light more soft.
● In an emergency, the SOS mode can be awakened with three clicks of the button, and a flashing distress signal will be sent.
● High-precision resistance capacitance device, advanced circuit chip, can easily deal with various abnormal conditions such as overcharge, over-discharge, high temperature and short circuit.

You can also match smart gadgets such as Mijia portable fan to bring you more fun: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-zmi-lpb02-5000mah-power-bank-flashlight.html

Hot sale products:
xiaomi pro wifi amplifier
honor band 5

Xiaomi ZMI LPB02 5000mAh Power Bank Flashlight.jpg
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