The Xiaomi Mijia MJJGTYDS02FM DLP projector supports 1920 × 1080 full HD screen resolution and compatible with 4K resolution playback. Compared with the traditional three-way LED projection, Mijia projector adds a blue light path to increase the brightness by more than 20%. The average brightness con reach 500 ANSI lumens, with Osrom LED, NTSC a gamut is up to 86%. It is equipped with a highly sensitive camera to effectively improve autofocus accuracy. Featuring Texas instruments TRP square pixel scheme, less jagged sense at the image edge, more smooth and natural picture, clearer text.

Product Features:
● HDR 10 video decoding, higher and wider color gamut.
● 1080P full HD restores the picture color.
● Turn on the camera to autofocus.
● Intelligent cooling system, silent fan control.
● Dolby sound, acoustic expert tuning customization.
● One-piece large sound cavity, low-frequency dive to 90Hz.
● 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, dual-channel viewing is not stuck.
● Fully sealed optical system to prevent dust from entering and effectively extend the life of the optical machine.
● RGB + BP four-channel optical, the brightness is increased by more than 20 percent compared with the three channels.
● AI voice remote control, convenient operation.

Adopts the principle of diffuse reflection for imaging, different from the direct light of traditional LCD TV, the projected light is reflected in the human eyes, reduces visual fatigue:

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The Xiaomi 20W fast charging set includes Xiaomi 20W Qi wireless charger, 27W fast charging adapter and 1m type-c cable. The wireless charger adopts a new design, which is higher than the peak charging power of the previous generation, the maximum energy can reach 20W. Fast charging adapter supports charging Xiaomi Mi 9 with maximum power of 27W, guarded by multiple safety protections, it ensures the security of both the charger and mobile phones.

Product Features:
▹ 20W Qi Wireless Charger
● Fast charging, the maximum energy can reach 20W.
● Super mute dual cooling system, reduces the temperature rise during charging process, improve the charging efficiency.
● Supports Qi 10W EPP charging protocol, can also achieve 10W fast charging when charging other phones that support this protocol.
● Silicone texture increases the friction and has the shock absorption effect.
● FOD detection ensures security of the charger and the phone.

▹ 27W Fast Charger Adapter
● Charging Xiaomi Mi 9 with super speed maximum up to 27W.
● QC 3.0 certificated, compatible with mobile phone, tablet, mobile power bank, etc.
● 10 safety protections including overvoltage, anti-lightning, overcurrent, over-temperature, overpower, anti-electromagnetic, short circuit, anti-static protection and more.
● International standard input design, breaks through regional voltage restrictions and has a wider environmental area.

▹ 1m Type-C Cable
● Supports 3A fast charging.
● Allows forward and reverse plug.
● Made of TPE, durable and safe to use.

This Xiaomi charging set is a Boutique for business trips and travel, the equipments needed for charging is all here, can meet your various charging needs:

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Bluedio mini wireless Bluetooth earphones equipped with the exclusive patent VFT technology, couples with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, provides you high-definition sound quality without any delay. Open the cover can quickly match and reconnect, brings you a fast and simple new way of music life. Coming with 650mAh charging box, one charge can satisfy the service time of 7 hours. It is ergonomic and made of ABS material, designed with three sizes of silica gel earplugs for different ear contours. It also supports voice assistant Siri, a variety of convenient functions are all available.

Product Features:
● Open the cover to connect immediately.
● Extra long standby time and working time.
● Bluetooth 5.0 technology and excellent vector flow technology make sound quality more clear in bilateral calls, without delay.
● ABS material, three sizes of silica gel earplugs, wearing comfortable.
● Small, exquisite and portable, convenient to carry around you.
● Can be used alone, very suitable for driving.
● Voice call for Siri to complete various functions.

Three kinds of classical color matching, bring beautiful music and cool visual enjoyment at the same time, give you more choices, enjoy and listen to the beauty around:

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Xiaomi 70mai car tire pressure monitor system has the dual USB which allows you to use the best way you want to use. It has the best usage and comes with the great battery power of 500mAh, can be recharged from the solar sun energy. Embraces auto check level sensor to help savvy wake-up, smart interconnection, ongoing observing, double charging and different capacities. The beneficiary receives two-shading negative show innovation to help constant observing weight and temperature of 4 tires. It has the Bolster 1 second to screen quick air release, exact to 0.1Bar. The Bolster battery high-temperature security, when high temperature up to 60 Deg.C, battery quits charging, likewise underpins astute wake-up. When the auto begins, the recipient in the rest sensor naturally awakens, consequently rest when ceased.

Product Features:
● Solar power and USB dual charging mode, convenient and environmentally friendly.
● Adopts car gauge level sensor to support intelligent wake-up, intelligent interconnection, real-time monitoring, dual charging and other functions.
● The receiver adopts two-color negative display technology to withstand the pressure and temperature real-time monitoring of 4 tires.
● Support 1 second to monitor rapid air leak, accurate to 0.1Bar.
● Support battery high-temperature protection, when high temperature up to 60 Deg.C, battery stops charging, also supports intelligent wake-up, when the car starts, the receiver on the sleep sensor automatically wakes up, automatically sleep when stopped.
● Intelligent connection of smart rearview mirror and mobile APP "70mai", wireless matching, easy to set up.
● Multi-model adaptation, supports customers to manually adjust the alarm range according to their own models, a variety of vehicle parameters recommended, one-button settings.

Anyone can use the 70mai tire pressure monitor in a modern way. Xiaomi smart control system will not only show when it's time to pump the wheels but will also measure the temperature in real time, as well as determine the puncture, allowing you to fix it before you feel it when it is too late. Deploy and configure the kit is quite simple, and all the necessary information will be in front of your eyes:

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The Xiaomi 20W wireless fast charger adopts a new design, which is 100% higher than the peak charging power of the previous generation, the maximum energy can reach 20W. It has improved heat dissipation and also has an ultra-silent fan, can effectively reduce the temperature rise during the wireless charging process and improve the charging efficiency. Adopting comfortable silicone texture, it increase the friction, ensuring stable charging and preventing the phone from falling.

Product Features:
● Enable Charging with Case
Free from tedious cord, charge the phone more conveniently, allowing the phone be charged with case.

● Elegant Design
Adopts the comfortable silicone texture, which not only increases the friction but also has the shock absorption effect, ensuring stable charging and preventing the phone from falling.

● LED Reminder Light
Intelligent remind you at any time the status of the wireless charger.

● Dual Cooling System
A new cooling hole is added to the bottom of the charging board, and a separate silent fan and heat sink is built in. The dual cooling system can effectively reduce the temperature rise during the wireless charging process and improve the charging efficiency. The entire charging scheme has passed the safety fast charging 2.0 certification of the authoritative organization TÜV Rheinland, which is safe and reliable.

● Broad Compatibility
Supports Qi 10W EPP charging protocol, protocol authentication, and can also achieve 10W fast charging when charging other mobile phones that support this protocol.

● Security and Protection
With high voltage input and fast charging mode, provide overcharge, short circuit, over current and over discharge protections. Low wireless charging frequency, internal addition of the magnetic isolation sheet, no harm to human health.

● FOD Detection
Capable of detecting foreign object and automatically turning off while over-temperature, ensuring security of the charger and your mobile phone.

The appearance of slim and delicate, still continues the style of Xiaomi’s simple and pure white, thickness of only 12.44mm, freely in your pocket or backpack to save your space. With the maximum output of 20W, the wireless charger can fully charge the Xiaomi 9 in 90 minutes, more than the wired charging of many mobile phones:

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