Langsdom BX9 earphone is light to 24g, with skin friendly coatings, comfortable to use. Adopt oblique ear design, eliminated the trouble of falling. Imported Bluetooth chip CSR4.2 keeps the volume at a safe level, and ensures stable connection in all directions within 10 meters. It is equipped with CVC6.0 noise reduction function, provides a perfect shocking sound quality. Adopt IPX5 waterproof design, you do not need to worry about rain and sweat when doing outdoor sports. 150mAh battery capacity provides standby time up to 200 hours to meet your needs.

Product Features:
● 45° Centrifugal Shaft Design
Ergonomic design, 45° will be more fit ears and no easy to fall off.

● Large Capacity Battery
Built-in 150mAh large capacity lithium battery, 10 hours music play time and up to 200 hours super long standby time.

● Natural Sound
Uses 14.2mm composite diaphragm sound unit that the voice will be more pure and better sound quality.

● IPX5 Waterproof
IPX5 water resistance and sweatproof ensure flawless performance when you doing exercise.

● HD Calls
The HD microphone guarantees HD calls when you are in noisy environments.

● Comfortable to Wear
Adaptive soft round neckline, no sense of wearing a full day.

● Voice Command
Answer/reject calls, control music and calls from the headset, easy to operate.

● Automatic Fit
Memory wire automatically maintained in the U-shape.

It is available in three optional colors: black, blue and red:

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Langsdom BX9 Bluetooth Sports Earphone.jpg
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Microwear L6 smartwatch has a slim design with the thickness of 122mm only, with sporty silicon strap or Milanese steel strap. It has a curved color display, a 1.22 inch HD screen with 240 × 240 pixel resolution and full touch screen support, also scratch resistant with anti-fingerprint feature. It is IP68 waterproof, no worries that it will get wet in the rain or washing or even swimming.

Microwear L6 is powered by NRF52832 processor with 512KB of RAM and with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. It has a heart rate monitor, pedometer with calorie and distance counter, and multiple sports mode such as swimming, running, hiking, cycling, basketball and badminton. With its 250mAh battery capacity, the smartwatch has 30 days of standby time.

Product Features:
● Full touch screen, tap anywhere you want, convenient and fast.
● Brand new dynamic menu, kinds of watch face for choice.
● Support personal DIY watch face, definition your favorite picture as watch face.
● IP68 waterproof, wash hand, get wet in the rain, swimming, satisfy all the daily needs.
● Configure high-precision 3-axis accelerometers to record your mileage, duration, steps and calories, sports intelligence calculations.
● Built-in 250mAh high capacity battery, with the latest frequency conversion technology of battery chips, optimized energy-saving output, lower power consumption, more power saving and long life.
● Via the green optical sensor, analyze blood flow under the skin and measure heart rate in real time, avoid excessive heart rate caused by wrong exercise.
● Abnormal heart rate alert can effectively carry out physical warning, understand heart rate problem in advance.
● Sleep monitor to analyze sleep, giving the ratio of deep sleep and superficial sleep, check the details of sleep quality by connecting Apps in the phone.
● Synchronize all the callings, SMS, Facebook, Email etc. notifications with contents display after connect with phone, miss nothing of the messages.

The smart watch has a matt case with a silky-touch rubber strap, comes with colorful options, just shining from each view:

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A tablet that came out in 2017, by Samsung, offers its user a unique experience with latest technologies when it comes down to Samsung phones.

Specifications are great and they include:


The launch price was 600$ but the prices dropped so you might be able to get it for 500$ and less.

There is this video I found on YouTube that offers a 20 minute long review of this table, so you might want to check it out if you intended on buying one.

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Not my kind of tablet for that price. The most important specs I look for are Ram and memory, and my phone, which cost me about $300, has equal Ram and more memory, even with MicroSD.
What interests me though, is HDR support: What is that even? Care to explain?
Jedi Knight Muse
Jedi Knight Muse
Seem it is an old tab of Samsung, I often chosen latest version of iPad to use, it is more better than Samsung Tab.
How can I use iTunes to restore iPhone? I have already install it on my PC but I don't know the way to do it. Any guides?
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Restore iPhone using iTunes is to purge the memory of your smartphone and upgrade to the latest version of iOS through this app.

Here's how to perform an iPhone restore through iTunes:

Step 1: Download the latest version of iTunes > Plug iPhone via cable to connect your computer.

Note: Turn off your iCloud account's phone search function before proceeding. (Settings >> iCloud >> Find iPhone off).

Step 2: Back Up.

Step 3: Restore and update.

Step 4: Next.

Step 5: Agree.

I actually thought that the iTunes store was only the Apple equivalent of the Google Play Store, and nothing more. You can actually use the iTunes store to restore your iPhone? That's pretty neat. Can the Google Play Store pull that off too by any chance?
I'm not expecting much response from this forum, but who knows, maybe some of you know a little more about microphones than me.

What I'm looking for is a good streaming microphone. One that you put on a table or a holder, not a mic for on your shirt or headphones, UNLESS what you show me is really, really good. Preferably with USB input (not a requirement).

My budget right now is €120 as gifts from my girl and her father for my birthday, but I am willing to add another €30 to it, so it may cost up to €150, but preferably €120.

Thanks in advance.
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Can anyone take a look into the Trust Emita Studio USB Mic. A good friend of mine recommended it to me, and for the price that I can buy one (along with everything that comes with it, like a case, foam for the mic, stand, etc.), it sounds like a good deal to me. What do you guys think?
Jedi Knight Muse
Jedi Knight Muse
At least can you share any images or videos, prices or links for this product?

Is this one an expected thing you are talking about?

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