Many people ask me this question, technically it's safe, but the software will continue to download random and bloatware apps until you pay. I don't know if this is changed, but anyway is safe, one of the famous Android emulator for Windows. ... Or you can also use nox app i like it much than bluestacks.

What is your thoughts? Is it safe or not?
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I personally don't think that it is safe, Reading up on the software and hearing from users there is more issues, then what comes out good of it.
I am not so sure about this but the advertisements make me feel uncomfortable to use Bluestacks nowadays. I know it is safe because it has been tested by many other users and it works really fine. I just always make sure not to click any suspicious links or banners.
I have subscribed to early bird features in Mozilla Firefox and a few days ago I got a pop-up window in my browsers asking if I want a free VPN extension similar to the Opera Browser VPN connection. A few months ago, my family and I have moved to Siberia and some random sites simply do not work, once even YouTube! So for me, it is a neat and useful feature.

Will this feature be useful for you and would that encourage you to move to FireFox if you are currently not using it?

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If the feature is good then it will make me turn to Firefox. After all we love what we love because of user friendly features.

I get it rough to stick to a site or app that is hard to navigate. We waste a lot of time trying to post or log in.
Yes, it really works well and is easy to use. It is also great that it's limitless and free and the 3 options are the USA, UK and Canada as seen in picture. It is very similar to Opera at the moment, but in November I want to try it out with Sevens Rugby live streaming. I can't check it out...
Guys, I wanna be a vlogger. But I dont have enough money to buy DSLR or GoPro. Instead of buying Gopro or DSLR. I wanna buy smartphone. Phones are more useful than just camera. Can you guys help me what should the best Smartphone for Vlogging and also affordable too?? Thanks
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Vlogging with your smartphones may not be as good as quality cameras output, but it will work if you have the right gear and set-up to get a fine result. You'll need a microphone- I tried vlogging using just a regular smartphone but the audio quality is very poor. You would also like to turn on airplane mode. You don't like it when an incoming call interrupted your video recording, and it saves the battery power.
There are a number of mainstream movies which were shot on iPhones.

Unsane is a good example. So it certainly is possible to use a smartphone for vlogging. I have to mention though that the best phones for vlogging would be the high end phones like an iPhone or Pixel 2 XL.

Since you are seeking something cheaper, I would recommend the HTC U 11. It's not that cheap though.

p.s You could opt to buy a pre-owned or refurbished high end device which will be a lot cheaper.
Let's see here. A smartphone these days can make awesome videos, allow you to immediatly post your vlogs, and given that you can find the proper software, you should be able to download a video editor to spice up your videos before posting.
Yeah, smartphones are excellent for vlogs.

There are benefits to a GoPro, like that you can record while having both hands free and that you can cover it, so a lower risk of it being stolen.
I would like to ask which device is best to use when playing an online games since both have advantages and disadvantages. I been playing lots of online games and I am having a trouble whenever I log in to a game sometimes my account can't be log in the tablet because I log in the phone. Would it be great if I only use one device in playing a game but which one is better?
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For gaming, I'd choose the tablet. Well, personally, I'd just upgrade my desktop, but having to choose between those two, surely the tablet. A regular tablet has a wider screen, better specs, and longer battery duration than a regular phone.

Only consider a phone for gaming if you need something more portable. Something you can easily carry in your pockets and that isn't too big to hold on a public bus or train.
I'd choose phones over tablets. Phone allows you to have a better grip and you could reach the buttons easily and faster compared to tablets. There are also a lot of controllers available for phones if you want to step up your games even more. I personally have tried playing Diablo II on my old device through an emulator. I played it together with a mouse and a keyboard with the help of an OTG Cable.
If you can purchase a controller for phone, wouldn't that mean you could also get one for your tablet? Meaning that the device turns into screen, thus making a tablet a better option, because you have a bigger screen.
Well, if you don't want any additional hardware to play games, I suppose...
For me I would choose tablet more bigger screen of course more enjoyable than phone its because of the better graphics and of course long life of the battery.
The Xiaomi 90fun college backpack is made of 100% polyester and a hydrophobic fabric Cordura, with a density of 600D, which does not let water through. The weight of the backpack is only 600 grams with a diagonal of up to 15.6 inches and 13 liters of internal volume. There are enough compartments in the backpack so that you can fit and organize everything you need.

Product Features:
● 600D tear resistant + IPX4 water repellent material, double heavy protection barrier.
● Both the outer buckle and the inner closure adopt a magnet adsorption design, more convenient for automatic fitting.
● 13L large capacity, the large pocket space allows for daily outings requiring clothing, the separate computer compartment can accommodate a 15-inch computer.
● Bottom rubber material, gently wipe to clean as new.
● Delicate anti-side pocket, can accommodate cups and umbrellas.

Feel free and stylish while exercising, traveling or camping. Three stylish colors highlight your personality and set the mood for your adventures:

Recommended products:
microwear x12
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