Xiaomi 70mai 1S dash cam is the updated version of Xiaomi 70mai dash cam. Compared with the previous version, the updated version adopts Sony IMX307 lens with Starvis night vision, adds two functions of time-lapse video and parking monitoring. In addition, it integrates English, Russian, Japanese and Korean, now these four languages are supported at the same time.

Product Features:
● 130 degrees FOV, cover wide vision range.
● 1920 × 1080P HD resolution, clear FHD recording.
● 1/2.8 inch light-sensitive components, capture clear images during nights.
● Sony IMX307 image sensor, provides better performance.
● Built-in G-sensor, when the car encountered a collision, the video will be blocked automatically save the video, restore the scene of the accident, to prevent misuse, delete or overwrite.
● Loop-cycle recording, automatically overwrite the oldest unlocked files and keep the TF card in a normal working state.
● Smart voice control, taking photo and recording video both can be controlled by voice.
● 24h parking monitor, standby mode with power off, auto start recording when detecting vibration.
● Time-lapse video, reducing the 30-minute content to 1 minute, not only ensures the integrity of the recorded content, but also saves storage space.
● WiFi connection allows real-time viewing of recordings and sharing of videos or images on popular social media.
● APP real-time viewing and download visual resources, look up historical video, simple operation, no consumption of phone traffic.
● Advanced H.264 photography compression technology, keeps high-quality videos and plays a part in saving storage.
● High-temperature resistant adhesive, avoids the problem of falling under high-temperature conditions, provides strong adhesive force, but do not damage the car glass.
● Annular status lights with 3 colors, intuitively display the recording status.
● Rotatable holder meets various recording demands.

Xiaomi 70mai 1S always focuses on providing you with a safe and comfortable driving environment, recording every moment of your driving journey: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-70mai-1s-dash-cam.html

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The monitoring area of XiaoVV smart panoramic IP camera reaches 360° comprehensive coverage, allowing your angle of view to reach the place that is not usually available. Mijia APP supports multiple viewing modes, such as 360VR, reel, columnar, quad split screen, and dual split screen, which you can switch at will. Join the upgraded AI humanoid detection, the alarm accuracy rate is up to 98%, you can view the home dynamics anytime, anywhere through your phone or tablet.

Product Features:
● Mijia APP control, multi-layer technology encryption, protect personal privacy.
● F2.0 large aperture lens with IR-CUT automatic double filter, the maximum visible distance can reach 9m.
● AI humanoid detection, effectively filter invalid alarms, the alarm accuracy rate reaches 98%.
● Two-way intercom, open the camera operation interface and press and hold the talk button to make a two-way conversation.
● A combination of a variety of socket accessories, easy to operate, can be placed in the desktop, window sill, bed, also installed in the wall.
● Playback the video on phone as long as there is a network.
● Support multi-user sharing, multi-device remote viewing.
● No complicated setup is required, just plug in the power, download the Mijia APP, and follow the instructions for adding a device.

XiaoVV XVV-1120S-A1 panoramic camera is here with the goal that you can see your home from all edges to ensure that your home and your family remain secured when you're not at home: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-xiaovv-xvv-1120s-a1-ip-camera.html

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Is it possible or is it ok to have a dual operating system in someone's unit?
if there is a member here with dual operating system, hows the performance of your unit?
3 Replies 274 Views
What do you mean with dual operating system? Like having both Windows and iOS on a single computer? I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's not possible. Sure, you can download and run Windows software on a Mac, but then I think it would be like an emulator or you fully disable iOS, I don't think operators can coexist in another way.

Why do you ask? Sheer curiousity or do you have reasons why you want more operating systems on one device? Or isn't that what you mean by Dual Operating System?
I do have this customer he wants me to put dual os on his pc, he wants windows 7 and 10 on it. I've try that before way back then win 2000 and windows xp it worked, but i never try it nowadays. that's why i asked the group if there's one here experience that, hows the performance of the unit?
I haven't heard any news about a phone having a "dual operating system". In fact, even if it's possible, I don't see any use or benefits of having, let's say, an Android and and iOS both running in one phone. I think almost all the features of one OS is also available in another OS. so I don't see the need of a dual OS.
Is it possible or is it ok to have a dual operating system in someone's unit?
If you are using Windows then it is possible to install 2 different Windows versions on a computer. When your computer is restarting, it will ask you which system you will choose to boost.

Honestly I did this in the past but it is just for testing because I now am using a system only.
As I posted below,I want to create a smartphone which will appeal every user.Give me suggestions on what would you want from your daily driver
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I prefer YouTube because their variety of shows to watch that are not found on TV channels ,I can watch them when I want to but with TV shows I have to be their at that exact time not to miss a particular show .what's your thought TV shows or YouTube ?
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So far, most streaming services such as YouTube have offered an appropriate value: customers have more freedom of choice. Subscribers can cancel at any time, choose their own streaming device and, assuming the network is fast enough, even watch their favorite programming when they are not at home.
I'll go for you tube. You tube gives you what you want. You can choose the topic you want. I can evem watched favorite my shows on youtube. When I want to cook I can easily do it with youtubes help. I even learned this forum from you tube itself. My kids love youtube. They also learned a lot from it.
I like better the Youtube because in Youtube you can watch anything you like and if you have a questions in your mind, you can search for the answer in Youtube. If you have also want to watch the movie series that you had missed, you can watch it there also.

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