I rarely pay for apps, since most of the time I can find a free substitute that works just as well. I'd probably say that percentage wise, I have about 5% paid apps and 95% free.

What is the ratio of free vs. paid apps on your iPhone?
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I only use 2 paid apps and I use the other one everyday. I don't regret paying for apps because developers worked so hard to build their apps and they deserve to get paid for that just like any other jobs. Many people think paying for apps is a waste of money simply because they're "digital" not "physical". But one thing that annoys me about that is paid apps with in-app purchases (n)
I work with Android, but to answer anyway, I have never paid for an app. I do have 2 apps that normally cost $0-$2, but I managed to download them for free. It's like you said, for every paid app, there is usually a free substitute that works equally well, or even better. Those usually have ads, but as long as it aren't popup ads, I don't mind.

If those apps still count as paid, and default apps don't count, then I would say my ratio would be 85% Free and 15% Paid. But yeah, I don't think...
I think I used 90% free apps and games on my iPhone, the rest I bought and I only invest into apps that really useful for my smartphone or works.
Hello everyone, recently I found out that Motorola releases it's Moto Mod speakers for it's Moto Z Phone. And I think it is really cool for those who are really into music and wants portable speaker phones. Are you familiar about this one? What do you think about it?
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Motorola is still alive ?
I haven't seen that phone for years.Nobody in here uses them anymore.They were very popular 10 years ago but that died out.
Concerning the speaker, it looks nice.The most important thing is the price, of course but, as @EfficientNinja did a research on the price, it should be affordable.
I never used any speakers for my phone, since I mostly use headphones but will check this one out.
I am glad Motorola is still out there.
there are lot's of new mods released by motorola and are really amazing. The speaker mod on the moto z works awesome and gives good sound.
I have a Moto z2 Force which I purchased in early May 2018. I was drawn to this phone because of the price, the ruggedness, battery life, scratch proof screen size, camera, and general value. The main competitor at the time was the S8 Active, which I didn't want to fork over 700 bucks for. I've been pretty happy with it. The screen does de-laminate at the corners, and it does have some firmware issues with the camera. Otherwise, it has held true to its claims. I've not purchased the mods due...
How is it going people? :)
I am not really a gamer type of a person, nor am i a gaming nerd. But recently, games along the lines of: puzzle, sudoku, memory games and similar really grabbed my attention.
Just the thought of increasing my brain power, memory, math skills, verbal skills and just intelligence in general, through games, is really intriguing.
Can you guys let me know what you think about this topic? Is it even a real thing or just a marketing trick to draw more customers in? Also, i am using a Windows Phone so my options are quite limited, hopefully it won't slow me down or limit me too much.

Help me decide which game should i look for and which one do you think has the highest potential of actually developing certain parts of brain, in an attempt to increase overall intelligence quotient.
Type of game absolutely doesn't matter as long as it serves the purposes listed above.

Thanks in advance :)
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The only games that i can think of right now is Scrabble. This helps you to think and reason very fast. It helps to develop your vocabulary and spellings. It is definitely one of the games that can increase your memory.
Definetly an excellent game to increase your internal dictionary, but I don't remember Scrabble requiring "fast" reasoning. Then again, I always used to play it with the family, and we all took our sweet time looking for good points.
But yeah, it's a good brain game. You may know the words, but...
At least for me, having a more varied internal dictionary made my reasoning faster! When you have more words available to you, and when you don't have to spend time thinking about which words might be best (or which are actual words!) it reduces the amount of time you need to spend analyzing...
Play the Final Fantasy series. I've enjoyed playing Final Fantasy 2, 3, 7, 8, 9. Final Fantasy 7 would be the best. It will develop your critical thinking skills in building your character, your memory on where to get and buy things including the map. Also, it will develop your skills in making strategies to defeat your enemies. If you want more brain power, I'll recommend playing Final Fantasy 7. If you want to play a bit of a scary puzzle game, I'd recommend Resident Evil Director's Cut...
I don't think a Final Fantasy game will help with improving your brain. In those games, you just grind a bit and keep using the same skills once you've found the weak spot. Bosses and optional areas with though opponents do require strategy, but as long as your main focus is to keep your party...
The games that will surely help your memory to increase and will help you think more critically, is those games that is strategic, such as escaping games, war games, etc. Now a days, most of the games will let you think critically for you to succeed. That is why I believed that games has a great role when it comes on increasing our memory.
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Hi guys! I have seen an ad of Lightr smart charger recently, it is a small charger that connects to your phone via magnets. Is it possible that magnets can harm my iPhone X?
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