Oukitel U23 smartphone features a 6.18 inch LCD IPS notched display set at a resolution of 1080 × 2246, comprised of 2.5D curved glass. The screen-to-body ratio is enlarged up to 95%, realizing your imagination for full screen. 18:9 aspect ratio matches the super narrow frame, giving you a perfect and wider visual effect. Do you like the fancy of galaxy and rainbow? Oukitel U23 is packed into an aluminum frame in a stunning blue to purple gradient hue that's coated in clear polycarbonate at the back to prevent scratches in the metal.

Among same price smartphones, U23 is obviously more powerful in performance. A MediaTek Helio P23 octa-core is clocked with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 2.0GHz and four more at 1.5GHz, upgrading 30% handling speed but decrease the battery consumption. Backing that is 6GB of 1600MHz LPDDR4 RAM and 64GB storage, which allowing to be expanded up to 128GB via microSD. The high density 3500mAh large capacity battery supports 10W wireless charging, no clutter cables, no plug in, no plug out, one step to enjoy the cable-free convenience.

Main Parameters:
Display: 6.18 inch FHD+ 18:9 capacitive screen with 1080 × 2246 resolution
CPU: MT6763T Helio P23 Octa-Core 2.0GHz
GPU: ARM Mali-G71 MP2 700MHz
OS: Android 8.1 Oreo
Storage: 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM
External Memory: microSD card up to 128GB
Camera: 16.0MP + 2.0MP rear cameras and 8.0MP front camera
SIM Card: 2 × nano SIM card or 1 × nano SIM card + 1 × SD card
Bluetooth: 4.0
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n/ wireless internet
Battery Capacity: 3500mAh
Charging: 5V/2A fast charger, support wireless charging
Practical Features: 3 Fingers Screenshot, Face & Fingerfrint Unlock, Super Power Saving Mode, Geatures Unlock

Oukitel U23 stands for distinctive design and aesthetics and is one that reflects modern smartphone trends. The back has a striking gradient finish that looks like Huawei Twilight color that was used with the Mate 20 Pro. Likewise, the U23 has a notched display and narrow display bezels, which has been a popular design since the introduction of the Apple iPhone X. Moreover, the vertical dual rear-facing camera array looks remarkably like the one that Apple and Huawei have used over the last few years: https://gearvita.com/oukitel-u23-4g-smartphone-6gb-ram-64gb-rom-global-version.html

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Xiaomi Aqara smart bedroom set is a component for remote control of a smart home, which enables you set the mode of operation of home appliances, lighting devices and other smart gadgets without getting out of bed. Aqara smart bedroom set includes an air conditioner companion, a temperature humidity sensor, a human body sensor, a wall socket and a few more accessories, all components interact with each other to build a multi-level structure. The temperature humidity sensor in real time measures the conditions inside the room, then the smart socket receive the command to activate the air conditioner as the case may be, in case the temperature limit set through the software is exceeded. The smart bedroom set is able to operate with other parameters to control electronics synchronized with mobile software.

Product Features:
● Intelligent Control of Air Conditioning Temperature and Humidity
With the use of air conditioning companion, temperature and humidity sensor and body sensor, the temperature can be changed at will. If someone in the room and the temperature is too high, the air conditioning will be automatically turned on, when no one in the home for an hour, the air conditioning will be automatically turned off.

● Intelligent Control Light
Using the wall switch, gently press the wireless switch at the head of the bed to control the light. The human body sensor with the function of illumination can also realize the induction of bright lights, no one lights off, and many other scenes.

● Wireless Control of Home Appliances
Placing the wireless switch within easy reach, easily control the electrical equipment connected to the wall socket, which is convenient and practical. Plus timing switch, remote control, sensor linkage, and other control methods, make the home of ordinary electrical appliances become intelligent.

● The Sensirion Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Have a plus or minus 0.3 Deg.C temperature and plus or minus 3 percent humidity precise detection function, to the air-condition, intelligent socket issue instructions, start the air conditioning, humidifiers, such as home appliance equipment, real-time detection to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity.

● 7 Meters 170-degree Wide Range of Human Induction
Human body sensor can detect the movement of people or pets, linkage control corresponding home appliances, and equipment, bring wonderful experience of the whole house of intelligence.

● Intelligent Dual Control, No Need to Slot Wiring to Achieve Dual Control
Double control refers to two switches control the same lamp, the Aqara wall switch is only replaced by the original wall switch, coupled with a wireless switch, you can achieve intelligent double control, without slotting wiring, low-cost transformation, simple and convenient.

● Aqara Wall Socket
Model 86 Aqara smart wall socket, integrated with home decoration style, with remote control, power statistics, timing switch and other functions.

● Common Scenes Preset
Common scenes have been preset, only need to open them in MiHome APP.

With the smart bedroom set, life is getting better and stress-free each day. Air conditioning and light moving because of you, life is never so simple: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-aqara-smart-bedroom-set.html

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The CoolBaby RS-07 retro handheld games console has a classic arcade game machine appearance design, recalls your childhood memory. Built-in 3000 top ten simulator games, take you back to that memory, offers you great happiness during leisure time. It is equipped with a 4.3 inch HD color display paired with a 2200mAh battery, capable of delivering working time of 5 hours.

Product Features:
● 4.3 inch high-definition color screen, resolution is 480 × 272.
● Dual core 528MHz CPU, DDR2 128M, 16GB memory, support TF card expansion up to 32GB.
● External 18650 2200mAh lithium battery, 5 hours battery life.
● Ten simulators support for top ten game formats, shift value game/Arcade CP1/CP2/NEOGEO/GBA/SFC/MD/FC/GBC/GB.
● Support for 26 languages, including Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, English, Japanese, Korean, etc.
● Lossless music APE, MP3, WMA, DRMWMA and other formats of audio, high quality speaker, support 3.5mm stereo headphones.
● External two wired handles, USB interface, support the game console as the host to connect the handle, also possible to connect to the TV.
● Energy saving settings, display and free settings of various function attributes such as display brightness and interface background.
● High quality rocker, high rebound button, precise interface.

With the retro arcade game machine appearance design, mini and portable volume, the RS-07 will recover your childhood memory: https://gearvita.com/coolbaby-rs-07-mini-rocker-classic-retro-handheld-games-console.html

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Still be in trouble with the dry air? This Xiaomi Smartmi ultrasonic air humidifier is designed to provide you with fresh air and meanwhile moisturizes your skin. It adopts UVGI technology to eliminate the bacteria with rate up to 98.8%, 2.25L large capacity and upper water injection for convenient use. What's more, it will automatically adjust the humidification speeds in different circumstances. Xiaomi Smartmi ultrasonic humidifier gives 200ml/h injection capacity at the 2.4MHz frequency, which breaks down the water particle structure into super-fine micron particles. The smaller the water droplets, the more diffuse and permeable, the deeper the sound will be many times better than the conventional spray technology. In addition, this humidifier is also equipped with a more powerful fan with the ability to optimize the wind path structure. Thereby reducing the wind loss when blowing, the sprayed dew particles will follow the fixed vertical line to the air to increase the spreading effect and penetrate deeply into the skin.

Product Features:
● Micron Fine Water Mist Cloud
High frequency atomized tablets, 2.4MHz vibration frequency disperses the water into micron particles, the formation of fine water mist diffuse and quickly evaporate, deeply moister the indoor environment.

● Optimized Wind Path Structure
The inner wall of the fog guiding channel with grinding process, and the outlet of the channel is equipped with the interceptor baffle to reduce the possibility of water droplets being blown out.

● Upper Water Adding Mouth
The flowing water inlet design makes it easy for water to be added, you can also open the top cover or lift the water tank directly to add water.

● Strong and High Spray, Wider Diffusion
The application of the new fan makes the wind force stronger, optimizes the wind path structure and further reduces the wind loss. Atomized particles are squeezed and pushed heavily in the sealed passageway, which are vertically sprayed and dispersed in the air. Numerous small fog particles slowly fall down and quickly evaporate and infiltrate the whole room before landing.

● Efficient and Energy-saving
24W low power consumption, even if it is always on, 40 hours of power consumption is less than lkWh. The application of the new fan reduces the noise and increases the amount of spray, and almost no sound is heard when the large gear is turned on.

● Large Capacity Water Tank
2.25L large capacity water storage tank, even if open the third level of fog, also do not need frequent water injection, moisten the whole night.

● Open Water Tank Design
The interior does not have the right angle that rises and falls greatly, the top cover of tank can be removed, and you can reach out to go in directly clean, very convenient.

● Automatic Power Off Design
With water level monitoring and anti-dry burning sensor, when the detection of water storage is lower than the safe water level, the main opportunity automatically standby, at the same time the indicator light will stroboscopic, remind you to add water in time. If there is no water in the tank, it will automatically cut off the power supply to avoid dry burning.

● Delicate and Beautiful
Surface etch grain processing increases artistic temperament, simply key design is convenient to operate.

There is also maximum water level warning, the injection volume is clearly visible. The anti-slip bottom pads makes it more stable to place, and the tank detachment inducation is safer to use: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-smartmi-2-25l-ultrasonic-smart-humidifier.html

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Xiaomi Mijia 1.6L smart rice cooker is a high-tech device with a Dajin PFA non-stick powder coating, a 400-watt strong cooking system, different dynamic fire-control and short-circuit mechanisms. The rice cooker also has smart functions and remote control through the Xiaomi APP, where we can choose between different cooking modes, such as fast cooking or slow cooking, and can even be adapted to any of the 3000 forms of rice preparation. At the hardware level, it has a LED display with a type 4 energy efficiency, as well as two temperature probes to be constantly aware of what is happening inside it.

Product Features:
● 1.6L Capacity
Can cook rice/porridge about 6 cups at a time, the size is as same as a 6 inches cake, which is suitable for singles, or a couple of people.

● Small Size
Very small size, easy to store, save space, and easy to move.

● 400W Powerful Output
Dynamic firepower regulation, adjusted accroding to different cooking modes.

● APP Intelligent Choice Of Cooking
The cooking curve of 3000+ varieties of rice, a large number of nutritional recipes, APP one-click selection.

● Dual Temperature Probe
Up and down double temperature probe, monitor cooking temperature all the time, and automatically adjust to avoid overflow.

● 1.7mm Thick Non-stick Liner
5 layers thick pot liner, daikin PFA non-stick powder coating. The liner is evenly heated, the surface is smooth and it is not easy to stick the pan, easy to clean.

● Hidden LED Board to Display The Data
Implicit LED interactive panel, interactive information only appear when you exhale.

Usually cooking for a person requires less capacity than cooking for a family of five. If you are cooking a smaller portion, doing so in a larger cooker would have a negative impact on your final product and may cause waste, so the Mijia 1.6L smart rice cooker is the right size you should choose: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-mijia-dfb201cm-1-6l-smart-rice-cooker-app-control.html

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