I am a fan of smartphones before I am using the phone Samsung brand but since I now look over specs before the price to be practical there are a lot of Smartphone that offers good quality too. I would like to share my experience and as an owner of the Xiaomi (Mi) Brand. For now I am using the Xiaomi 4X, for span of almost 1 year but there are a lot of new model and designed they have issued.

For me , its a good smartphone because of the specs follow and they are so much easy to use and user-friendly one!

Their camera are also comparable to the existing and leasing brand as well as their security they also had the Finger print.

Kindly look at the image for your reference?

How about you are you using also the Xiaomi Products? What is your model? Can you share your experience too?


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I am using A1, else of their upgrade to the smartphone, my using of the xiaomi is also about the supporting to heir internet of things.
Nowadays, smartphone is a part of our daily life, it can help us to do our task easily to be done, but are you aware on how to take good care of your smartphone device?
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I'm a very careful person when it comes to my personal things, specially my smartphone and other gadgets. How I keep my gadgets long? Well, I simply make sure that it's handle with care all the time. Charge only if needed and don't overcharge it so I watch the time. I don't put my smartphone in my pocket as its very sensitive that it may be damage. I just don't put my phone anywhere and just assure it has screen protector and a case to prevent from cracking when it falls.
I keep opf using a film to protect the screen, and a backside cover to protect it too especiaally needs to hold in the hand for long time. And I would also tape a ring in the backside too, for security holding while massively taking the photos and video. in the software, i uses china 360 to constantly clean the weatse folder.
My first smartphone I used and still functional (except for other features) for almost 7 years is my Sony Xperia . But with different smartphones in the market which one is the best that you could suggest?
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I am using the XiaoMi A1, where keeps the upgrade of the A.I. from XiaoMi such as the photo-taking with strong lighting in the subject's backside, their A.I. photoshop would edit it for me.
I want to buy a smartphone. and i like blackberry but some of my friends suggest me that i should go with htc . that is the reason I'm little bit confused. So i need some experiences all of you, which one should i go blackberry or htc.
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Pick HTC. Both of them are popular but HTC used to compete with Samsung, Sony, LG, and other more known smartphone brands. They also release really good flagship phones that are on par with other flagship phones. Personally, if HTC was a lot more available here, I would have bought from them every time I change phones.
Go for HTC without hesitation. Having used Blackberry for some years, I cannot recommend it. Although the brand is popular, there are so many things you will be missing, while those using other brands are enjoying. Actually, you will have to subscribe for some of the apps offered free in android phones.
BlackBerry is really highest security level smartphone where as high as provide for the national people such as Obama, Trump to use, or the multinational company leaders to use due to they are very demanding to the security, where in last few weeks, Trump's iphone get hacked, but never happen it to BlackBerry. The duisadvantage is really high price, so, lets consider if you are the person very demanding on the security, if so, BlackBerry is the only one!
Hello, I'm currently planning to buy a smartphone that is ready for gaming and has a battery that is tough enough to resist draining quickly (3000-5000 mAh}. I'm in a tight budget, I can't afford smartphones worth 400$+ since it's hard to earn money with only my allowance. Any recommendations?
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You should try OPPO F1s. The quality of the camera is excellent. It also have finger print security access. It features display are also high and the processor.
If you want a really affordable phone that has a very solid performance, go with the Huawei Honor Play. It is even more cheaper than the Xiaomi Pocofone F1. Both of them should suffice your need though. But Huawei is more durable (I think) and more popular than Xiaomi devices.
Interesting. Would you be so kind to share us the specifications of the Huawei Honor Play? I'm would also like to see this phone in action, but the specs alone will really help me out.
XiAOMI Black Shark, which is typically design for the game, snapegradon fastest CPU, and almost real time to the server whilke playing with the cloud almost without stopping screen, and the coor display also the quality more than movie which is about high pixel and colorful putput of game playing demanding.

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