Replacing batteries can be a great way to improve performance, if the iPhone has been used for a year.

According to technology companies in United States, smartphones are going to be fixed to reduce performance once the battery down; to avoid the situation, the device is all of sudden off the supply. Responding to Apple's claim, many customers express anger at the company's failure disclosing the "feature" publically. Some users have been sued by Apple for causing the iPhone maker to slow down "causing economic damage and other problems" to them.

Why did Apple do that?
Some users who have encountered the status of iPhones are self-crashing despite a few percent of battery life.
Apple then silently released software updates to prevent this situation, which reduced the performance to reduce battery consumption.

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US Technology Company confirmed the correction is only to fix the problem, not to attract users to buy new iPhone. But experts say that Apple has better ways of solving these problems. One of the options is that, users are allowed to turn on or off performance in settings. This is also a reasonthat makes iPhone to get slow down. Or Apple can make easier battery replacement,such as discounting the service.

Which iPhone is affected?
In theory, Apple could slow down all old iPhone models. However, the company claims oninterfering in certain models.
Manufacturers made their debut last year for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone SE.
Recently, the company added to the list of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, through iOS 11.2 update. Apple said it plans to apply for other models in the future.

Settings to speed up iPhone
Before replacing the battery, make sure your iPhone is not slowed down for other reasons. Your device should be updated to the latest iOS, and install the latest version for all apps. In addition to fixing bugs and adding features, the following versions can limit the status of iPhone running slow and help patch vulnerabilities.
Also, check your iPhone has enough free memory. Go to Settings> General> Storage & iCloud Usage to proceed to freeing up memory. Users can also use services like Google Photos or Dropbox to store photos, videos and then delete them on the iPhone.
Other options for accelerating iPhone include turn off background services, location-based settings for individual apps, and turn off motion effects.

Replace the battery

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If you find your iPhone slower by battery, you can replace it with a new one. Of course to do this, users mayneed support of technicians.
At Apple's service centers, the cost of replacing the battery is $ 79 (about $ 1.8 million), which takes 3-5 days. Some outlets also offer this service at a lower cost, however users should consider credibility points to avoid replacing poor quality batteries.

What to do to extend the battery life
iPhone uses lithium-ion batteries and its performance will decrease over time or depending on usage conditions. According to Apple, after every 500 cycles of charging, the battery performance on the device dropped at 80%. If used correctly, the iPhone battery will last longer.
Make it too hot or too cold. If the phone is hot, it is best to turn it off and allow it to cool before turning it on again. When not using the unit for a long time, you should charge at least 50% of the battery before storing it. Since storing more than six months,make sure to charge the battery before use.
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Valerie Green
Valerie Green
If someone could write the step by step process how to speed up old iPhone, it would be really helpful.
Hope these steps would help.
1. Delete or reinstall apps that take up a ton of space
2. Disable location services for apps that don’t need GPS
3. Reduce iOS animation features like Parallax and increase contrast
4. Clean out old photos and videos. Backup old photos and videos
5. Disable “Background App Refresh”
6. Clear old text messages
7. Try updating to iOS 9
Yes these mobile phones are made only for a few years, so the person is forced to buy another last few years, and companies continue to bill

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