Sometimes the sound coming from your Sony Xperia Z5 Dual camera annoys people around you. This is easy to fix by turning off the sound when shooting.

1. Benefits when taking pictures of the phone sound
Avoid making noise that affects people around you.

2. Instructions to turn off the sound on Sony Xperia Z5 Dual photography

Quick start guide:

Step 1: Go to Camera.

How to turn off camera shutter sound on Sony Xperia Z5.jpg

Step 2: Select the gear icon.

Step 3: Click Add to continue.

Step 4: Finally, find and turn off the Sound feature on the camera.

With just four simple steps, you have to turn off the shutter sound of the camera to avoid disturbing people around.

Good luck!
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Unfortunately I removed the icon Google play store on my smartphone but I don't know how to get it back. Are there any ways to install apps on Android without using Google Play Store? I ask this in the case I uninstalled Google Play Store for any reasons :)
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For some reason I believe that getting and downloading apps from Google play store is safer than doing so elsewhere (just a feeling, don't know if it's accurate) but after a nasty experience with downloading directly from the internet, I've stuck with Google play store ever since. It's easy to reinstall it by browsing for it online if you mistakenly delete it or have someone transfer it to you so you can reinstall.

If you decide not to reinstall and opt to download directly online, be...
Wow. The detail of the replies on this post is chock full of information. This will be really helpful when someone asks this again or maybe a friend would ask someone about the same issue, I would just point them to this thread right here. Also, I would just like to add that there is a download link for the Google Play app on their site, just go there using a browser and download it.
Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
It is possible to install an app via apk file but I have never done with this way before. It is not official way from app store and may contain risks for your smartphones.
Smartphones are the in thing today. Some of us or majority of the users have just been caught up in the torrent and have no choice but to adapt to the flow. In other words, "Learn to swim or else!" For this reason, we've got to learn, share and educate others. I like the forum.
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Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
Hello JMuriuki1, welcome to the community, I hope to see you around here. you sure will learn more on this great smartphone forum.
Google has launched it's phone sometime back, but I don't feel like it has captured or created a market base.
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I think the problem with the smartphones that google launched was its price point. They are competing with Apple products with the price range that they are targeting. Plus, the fact that the android market is heavily saturated with different products from various companies.

Apple has the advantage of having their software exclusive to only their products.

When you have different companies using Android in phones that are aggressively priced depending on the market they release it to, it...
This Cherry Mobile is a Smart Phone from the Philippines. It also have some features typically with every smart phones have. Some of them have built in TV and radio. I'm not sure if its already available outside the Philippines. What do you think guys?
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Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
I have never heard about this brand before, maybe it only works for your country. :)
I am using cherry mobile before and I could say that they could compete with other smartphones about the specs but they couldn't compete about the camera. I am using cherry mobile amber before and I am contented about it wayback 5 years ago. It was very useful to me and it wasn't easy to drain the battery, but our technology today have improve so fast and cherry mobile is being left behind with the present smartphones.
I love cherry mobile! It is affordable and has a good quality.

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