I am a big gamer on my Samsung 5s but sometimes the battery drains too much while I play.
I was looking to upgrade to something better.
Which android smartphones have the best battery life ?
I am trying to get one if it has a battery life of at least 3 hours playing time with full capacity.
Any phones like that out there ?
Thank you.
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In the era of true wireless headsets everywhere, Xiaomi FIIL T1 - the first true wireless sports earphones launched by FIIL, with the design concept of "faster, more stable and more free", was sold out as once it was listed, surpasses TWS headset products on the market with overwhelming advantage.

Product Features:
● After the first pairing, automatically connected to the phone once the charging box cover opened, no need of manual operation.
● Realtek low-power Bluetooth chip, combined with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and applies the three-dimensional circuit LDS antenna technology used by the iPhone, wireless performance is improved in multiaspect.
● 6-hour battery life for both earbuds, 500mAh charging box provides an additional 3 full battery life for both earbuds.
● Hi-Res HD decoding chip, 6mm custom dynamic unit, delivers HiFi level sound quality.
● Single earbud is about 4g, with soft silicone earplugs and specially designed RotateSecure ear wings, comfortable to wear and does not fall off even when strenuous.
● Both earbuds support touch operation, light tap to achieve volume adjustment with left earbud and operation control with right earbud.
● IP65 sports grade waterproof, not afraid of rain wash, fearless sweat erosion.
● Binaural call, built-in noise reduction microphone, DSP technology eliminates environmental noise, achieves high-definition calls even in noisy environments.

The unexpected sound quality of FIIL T1 makes it not like a wireless headset that is dubbed "sports", there are few competitors at this price: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-fiil-t1-true-wireless-earphones.html

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Xiaomi FIIL T1 True Wireless Earphones.jpg
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Remax TWS-5 adopts hidden form earplugs, which effectively solves the troublesome situation of wired headsets. It is comfortable to wear and does not cause pressure on the ear canal. At the same time, it closely fits the ear canal and is not easy to fall during travel, business and sports. It supports binaural calls, plus high-definition noise reduction, delivers excellent sound quality during calls, achieves effective daily communication.

Product Features:
● Graphene full-frequency 6mm driver unit provides three-frequency balanced sound performance.
● Bluetooth 5.0 connection, wide compatibility, faster data transfer and more stable signal.
● Intelligent touch sensing, easy identification of commands.
● 200mAh split magnetic charging box, easy to access.
● Automatically connect and pair when picked up, easy to use.
● Soft and ergonomic silicone earbuds, comfortable to wear.

Put on the Remax TWS-5, let the outside pressure, noise, and unhappiness leave behind and enjoy the good times that belong to you alone: https://gearvita.com/remax-tws-5-bluetooth-earphone.html

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REMAX TWS-5 Bluetooth Earphone.jpg
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Is there any possibilities even we can find 4000mah or 5000mah in iOS smartphones ?
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You can not find a such smartphone with 4000mah or 5000mah but you could find a iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 Battery Case 4000mAh to help your battery use longer.
I would just recommend buying yourself a portable charger. There's a lot cheap ones out there that should make your smartphone run for twice as long. I paid 8 euro for mine and it can store up to 3500mAh. So for a smartphone with 4000mAh, that would mean you could fully deplete your smartphone, then almost fully charge it, and use it as much again. That way, you'd have 7500mAh, and even more if you choose to buy a better portable charger. There are some that store more than 20.000 mAh.
As of now, you can never find such iPhones carrying that size of a battery or maybe soon? We do not know, they are still focused on performance and fine-tuning the current flagship iPhones. Better to use portable power banks or well-known power bank cases.
As an avid Android user, I had never thought of switching, but was curious why others were jumping ship at higher rates. Was it the larger screens that debuted with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus,
so what do you think !
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I would also like to add that it would've been better to place this topic under "Buying tips and advice". By placing it under iPhone, you will most likely get responses from iPhone users, without getting a proper response from Android users, who you pretty much asked the question to as well.
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
Android phones are easy to understand than iOS, so yes Samsung is easier to understand.
Been an iOS and Android user for years, it is just a matter of how you quickly adapt to the system. But I find my iPhone device rather friendly to use when you talk about bang on performance and graphics. For the Android, customization is its best attribute.

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