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I would like to know if you use a smartphone case to protect your phone. I know some people prefer to use their phones without a smartphone case because it looks better and it feels better in one's hand. People who prefer their smartphones to have cases want them because they can customize the phone's appearance to their liking. It also adds protection to their phones.

Do you prefer to have a smartphone case or not? :)
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As a generally clumsy person I NEED to have a case for my phone. I am just using a plain black jelly case one. It is not really for aesthetic reasons but for the protection and better grip. I can confidently say that it has done a pretty good job. So yes to phone cases for me.
Yes, I use a smartphone case for daily protection of my phone. As we all know the price of smartphones is not that cheap just to let them ruin by mistakes or carelessness. I value my money so much that I won't let my personal things to be damage so I use smartphone cases for security purposes. My phone normally lasts for couple of years because I make sure that it's protected. However, you need to make sure to clean your phone cases as often as you can to avoid dirt and stays the fresh look...
Rob Reece
Rob Reece
Yes, I use a smartphone case for daily protection of my phone
Yes main feature of a smartphone case is protecting its smartphone. Beside it also help to decorate your smartphone looks more beautiful.
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
Yes,if you love your phone then taking care of it would be the first priority. So putting a gorilla glass on it will really help the screen from scratches and back covers are like the life savor. Unknowingly when the phone falls down, it is really painful to see, it feels like we are going to get heart attack. So better cover your phone with a solid back cover.
I've seen some reviews about the new Huawei P20 and P20 Pro and I was mind blown. These phones are very high end and the specs are superb. 6GB RAM? Triple rear camera for better photography? The price is a bit high but you will get what you paid for.
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Huawei phones are the best, the designs, speed, and gaming quality are the best and it is a thumbs up for me. I am using Huawei Nova 2i and I would suggest everyone buy their latest smartphones. Because it is really worth it.
Yes, Huawei P20 and P20 Pro are the series that have been the best when it comes to photography. they have been together leading the way with revolutionary Leica triple camera, an advanced camera system with the art of light and intelligent photography. It is designed to be something unique. It has the best screen which delivers a superior color in a 40 MP camera. There's the accuracy, color, sharpness, focus, and contrast in every single shot capturing precious moments. Am I late? I hope...
Huawei has unveiled two mighty impressive top-tier flagship phones. These new handsets ( Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro) have stunning designs. Both have cameras that genuinely matches the best in class (triple camera for P20 Pro and dual for P20). If you love documenting what you're doing, these handsets are worth trying. Pricey but worth it!
Well each of us differs on how we define phones the best. Each of us has an opinion whether or the other is different. Some of us may prefer apple while others will choose android.
For me, it’s Samsung Galaxy 8. It has a longer display now 5.8 inches. Also, it has an excellent camera, fast new chipset, and good battery life. The large, bezel-less display is truly iconic and beautiful, and the screen quality excellent. It has improved battery life and tweaked camera will be among the best you'll find on the top-end flagship. How about you?
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Anything that comes from a physical store, is cheap (max. $300), and better than my current smartphone. And since I only buy smartphones when they already existed for a few years, my next phone is always better and at the same price.

I'm more of a PC guy, so I invest more money in there. To me, a smartphone is like a portable gaming device, for when I can't play on my amazing pc.
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
The main problem with buying a phone is whether to wait for a better version or just get the latest version. These days every smartphone has a similar kind of design. One has to turn the mobile backside up to check which company it belongs to.
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
I believe if you see best android phones you can easily say One Plus 6T, Samsung Note 9+, Mi Note 6 Plus, and Huawei Mate 20 pro gives each other a tough fight. One can have any of these.
Xiaomi Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P is a wireless camera for monitoring, with IP65 tightness (the housing is completely dustproof, protected against water jets from any direction), and the built-in battery can last for 100 days of work. No need to pull the cables, just screw the camera to the wall.

Product Features:
● Mijia APP control, mobile phone viewing real-time situations, two-way voice communication anytime, anywhere.
● 1080P high-definition picture quality, F2.6 large aperture into the amount of light, each frame is very clear.
● Built-in 8 infrared night vision lights, can be shot clearly even if it is very dark.
● No need for a power cord, making installation easier.
● The package contains Mijia smart camera gateway, effectively enhances the stability of the network signal during remote data transmission and reduces the power consumption of the camera.
● AI humanoid motion detection to reduce false positives.
● PIR human body infrared sensor, detection distance up to 10 meters, trigger and push the alarm information to the mobile phone.
● Two storage methods, video playback at any time. Local MicroSD card to store mobile video and after the memory is full, the new video will automatically overwrite the old video. 7 days of alarm video for free in the cloud, each time record for 7 days, the video will automatically cycle over and over.
● Built-in 5100mAh large capacity lithium battery, can be used for up to 100 days on a single charge.
● IP65 dustproof and waterproof, can be used indoors and outdoors.

This Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P smart camera can be purchased for $80.99 with "MISALE10" coupon: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-mijia-cmsxj11a-1080p-s-camera.html

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Xiaomi Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P Smart IP Camera.jpg
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Microwear L8 smartwatch has an absolutely sophisticated look, metal alloy housing and silicone strap. It provides everything you need: blood pressure, pulse, call, message notification, more sports modes, etc.

Product Features:
● 1.2 inch TFT round touch screen, 240 × 240 resolution.
● 7 days battery life
● Heart rate monitor
● Blood pressure monitor
● Blood oxygen monitor
● Bluetooth camera
● Bluetooth music
● Steps counting
● Call/message reminder
● IP68 waterproof
● Other functions: Sleep monitor, calorie counter, alarm, weather, find watch, find phone, raise wrist wake screen, average pace, sedentary reminder

The watch is offered at a price of $23.99 with the coupon code "L8", which you can enter during placing your order: https://gearvita.com/microwear-l8-smart-watch.html

Other hot sale smart watches from Microwear:
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microwear x12

Microwear L8 Smartwatch.jpg
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