Samsung and iPhone might be popular but they are not the best smartphone brand for me. I am currently using Huawei brand because of quality, performance and price. What do you think?
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I saw that apple is now advertising their iPad with a keyboard attached to it. It looks likes this one:


And thus I was a bit curious on how it works.
I have three iPad devices; iPad mini, iPad 2017 and iPad pro 10.5. I went to a store (not apple store) to inquire if they sell keyboards compatible to said devices. I did not go to an apple store since their products are too expensive for its price. Considering also that that there are a lot of negative reviews about their keyboard.

So the store have available keyboards for iPad mini and iPad 2017 but for iPad pro 10.5 there's none available yet (this model is newly release when I went there). I decided to buy one for my iPad 2017. I tried the keyboard compatible with my iPad mini but it was too small and it very irritating to use. Imagine your big fingers pressing those small keypads. Buy the way. it is a local brand keyboard, it has no specific brand. The reason why I bought one is to see if my iPad with a keyboard have the same or better functionality with my laptop. Here are attached photos of my iPad 2017:



and here are some of my observations:

Pros: iPad 2017 with keyboard
  • it is handy
  • light to carry
  • you can carry it anywhere
  • the battery of the keyboard can last the whole day
  • as well as the ipad - unless you are connected to the internet
  • the ipad have its own MS Word version which is the PAGES app
  • fast response - as you type it will appear immediately in the ipad

Cons: iPad 2017 with keyboard
  • MS Word is still the best when you compared it with Pages
    • pages: limited functionality - you cannot put table of contents and the like
    • unless you have a bluetooth printer you cannnot immediately print it
    • limited file version - available only for pdf, word, or epud
  • when you are into software also you cannot do your stuff in the ipad
  • it is limited - you can only use apps that are available in the apple store
    • take note also that there are apps that are available to laptops that has no version in an ipad
    • even if it has version the developer tends to limit its functionality
to Conclude: I still prefer to use my laptop.

What about you? Would you replace your Laptop for an iPad or Tablet? Any comments?
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I think it is possible for me to replace my laptop with a tablet if I have already got a desktop because I can work on desktop while I can have entertainment from a tablet.
I love the idea that you highlighted the great advantages and features of Ipad7. It is so handy or should I say very portable. Unfortunately, if you are working as an analyst and will be assigned to visit some sites for a business review. Excel Presentation might be so difficult to run on Ipad7 or probably will never run on it.. Moreover, the shortcut keys to make your life easier on doing your excel reporting would not work since it only have MS Word as you said. So, I would still choose my...
I agree with jakejake! Though I must say that it is heavily dependent upon what you actually need the technology for. I'd never feel fully comfortable getting rid of a laptop or not having access to one, because even though I spend a good chunk of my time just browsing the internet, I vastly prefer the regular versions of websites over the mobile versions in terms of design and functionality. It doesn't help that many websites reduce the features you have access to on the mobile version of...
Forecum FK-D009 is a wireless solar doorbell that made of ABS, has 36 different melodies to choose from. The doorbell is connected to receiver wirelessly at 433MHz, the distance from the receiver can be up to 100 meters away. The volume of the doorbell is set to 4 levels, from 20 to 80db. The doorbell is powered by a 150mAh rechargeable battery that takes 4 hours through the sun to fully charge and can then work 8 to 12 hours continuously.

Product Features:
● No power required, supports solar power charging, with 2 LED night lights.
● IP44 weatherproof and acceptable for outdoor use.
● Easy to install, simply plug the receiver into a power outlet (the plug-in receiver does not require a battery), then use double-sided tape to mount the button base on the wall.
● 36 different ringtones, 4 adjustable volume, from 20db to 80db.
● A huge range in open spaces, up to 100m/300ft performance range.
● Receiver with plug, EU/US models for optional.

The wireless solar doorbell has a nice design that suits everywhere, mounting is easy with the double-sided tape, without holes, cables and more:

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Forecum FK-D009 Wireless Solar Doorbell.jpg
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Xiaomi AreoX U8 applies fingerprint unlocking technology in the field of travel, bid farewell to forget the key, use biometric fingerprint recognition, reject fake fingerprints. Tap the finger to unlock in one step, just 0.5s to quickly open the ride. Use coupon code "U8", the price of "short" and "long" options are both $39.99.

Product Features:
● Ergonomic design, ingeniously integrates the fingerprint module into the golden area of the lock body, has a comfortable grip.
● Biometric fingerprint identification, 0.5 second quick unlock, false recognition rate is less than 0.001%.
● Fingerprint unlocking combined with key unlocking.
● High strength, hardness and corrosion-resistant stainless steel lock beam, resistant to 14 tons of hydraulic shears, to prevent hacksaw and electric drill damage.
● The lock beam is bidirectional locked, the lock can be opened only when both ends of the lock beam buckle are unlocked at the same time, effective prying-resistant and safer.
● B-class lock cylinder with higher safety, effectively prevents the technology from opening; the lock body is made of solid metal, to prevent violent falling and smashing, double protection from the inside out.
● The lock beam is wrapped in the superior PVC, with a smooth feel and a delicate touch, durable and resistant to deformation.
● Fingerprint protection cover, waterproof and dustproof, extending the life of the fingerprint module.
● Universal Type-C charging interface, charging is more convenient.
● Multi-fingerprint entry, support 9 sets of user fingerprint storage.

Fingerprint unlocking is a relatively convenient and mature way to unlock. AreoX U8 creatively applies the fingerprint unlocking function to the U-lock, brings more convenience to outdoor travel, say goodbye to the mechanical key from then on:

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Xiaomi AreoX U8 Smart Fingerprint U-lock.jpg
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The Bluboo S8 Plus offers great design inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and decent specs for $135.99.

Main Parameters:
Display: Sharp 6.0 inch HD+ screen, 1440 × 720 pixel
CPU: MTK6750T Octa Core 1.5GHz
GPU: Mali-T860
System: Android 7.0
Storage: 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM
External Memory: TF card up to 256GB
Camera: 3.0MP + 16.0MP back cameras and 5.0MP (SW 8.0MP) front camera
SIM Card: Dual Nano SIM dual standby
Bluetooth: 4.0
Battery Capacity: 3600mAh

3D curved glass forging the gentle edge allows a easeful hold, and the CD texture enable you stand out from the crowed:

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Bluboo S8 Plus.jpg
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