This Lenovo HR07 car dvr features a 2.7 inch LCD outputting 2560 × 1440 high resolution, so you can view more clear images and videos. It shoots the most detailed and sharpest videos with resolution of ultra HD 1440P, providing you a worry-free driving environment. The G-sensor motion detector automatically detects shocks and collision and capture images instantly. With a wide angle of 150 degree and 6G lens, it is capable of capturing a greater area of a scene.

Product Features:
● High Resolution
2560 × [email protected] HD resolution, view videos clearer compared with 1080P.

● 2.7 Inch TFT LCD Display
So you can enjoy real-time view while recording.

● 150 Degree Wide Angle
Wide cover range, to capture a wider range of scenes around your vihicle.

● Anti-fatigue Driving Reminder
Remind you to rest after driving 1h/2h/4h, default reminding time setting is 2 hours.

● Seamless Loop Recording
Prevents storage overload by autocratically erasing the oldest previously recorded file and replacing it with the new one. Can realize 24-hour recording after connecting with car cigarette lighter.

● Built-in G-sensor
Automatically detect shock or collision and preserve recent captures with write protection.

● Motion Detection
Automatically detect and record the moving object while the vehicle is parked, helpful for protecting your valuables from thief.

● Petite Body
The mini body design is only 88.6 × 51.2 × 32.1mm, can be well hidden behind the rearview mirror, without blocking the sight.

6 sets of full glass high-transmission lens, each set has multi-layer coating films, increase light transmittance, reduce reflectivity, restore true color. Glass lens are fearless for winter sever cold and hot summer sun exposure, always capture high-definition picture quality:

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Awei X680BL earphone is supported by the very stable Bluetooth technology version 4.2, the connection to the device does not break, and the transmitted audio band is not distorted. It is controlled by a modern CSR processor, which intelligently manages the energy of itself, one charge of 1.5 hours lasts 5.5 hours of listening to music or 7 hours of voice talking.

The earphone adopts a flat cable, placed behind the neck and does not interfere with movement. It has a built-in HD microphone, which in combination with the CVC 6.0 technology, eliminates all kinds of noise, achieves HD voice calls. The remote makes it easy to control the music being played or the conversation, it has buttons to change the song/sound volume, and the play/pause button, which is also used to accept and end voice calls.

The whole is finished with a very elegant plastic, pleasant to touch and does not crack at the pressure of the finger, the transparent front of the casing looks very impressive. In addition, mounted magnets with opposite poles, allows the connection of two earpieces, so that it will not slip off your neck when not in use. It is also worth mentioning the 3D sound technology, which was created thanks to the use of independent composite membranes. The diaphragms work independently, for two separate units, the first is responsible for deep bass, and the second is responsible for the treble.

Product Features:
● Built-in 6mm dual dynamic quad-core driver unit, creates HD stereo surround sound and lossless music.
● Bluetooth 4.2 CSR technology pairs with most phones, laptops and tablets with a range of 10 meters.
● Multi-point pairing function enables connecting two phones at the same time and intelligently switching between them.
● Comfortable ergonomic in-ear design with soft silicone ear tips for comfortable wearing.
● Magnetic design lets you connect the earpieces together whenever you are not using them.
● CVC intelligent noise redution helps reduce background noise significantly.
● 90mA/3.7V long life lithium batteries brings up to 7 hours working time or 200 hours of standby time after only 1.5 hours of charging.
● Sweat-resistant and splash-proof IPX4 level prevent the headphones from sweat or light rain while running, jogging and gyming.

Wearing this earphone, you can enjoy the immersive feeling brought by it without feeling uncomfortable, and won't oppress the ear canal and ear for a long time:

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The Xiaomi X1 intelligent fingerprint door lock has an invisible fingerprint concentric circle design, the fingerprint identification module is seamlessly integrated into the handle, which follows the ergonomic principle. When holding the handle, the fingerprint identification module is at the place where the thumbs falls. The X1 integrates fingerprint stitching, image recognition and self-learning algorithm to make fingerprint identification more powerful and intelligent. The X1 supports the remote issuance of one-time password which can be easily dealt with by text message or WeChat to those in need. It adopts straight core design to insert the lock core into the lock body, and and the lock core reaches level C in safety, with strong anti breaking performance and high safety coefficient.

Product Features:
● Fingerprint identification, unlawfully open the lock namely alarm.
● Phone Bluetooth to unlock, password to unlock, the key to unlock.
● Invisible fingerprint with all-around design.
● Interactive smart equipment, remote one-time password issued.
● Straight core C-level lock, six - weight safety guarantee.
● Financial level encryption, strong anti-breaking ability.
● 16-bit virtual password, effectively prevent peeping.
● Corrosion resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, exterior oxidation.

Xiaomi X1 is a top security door lock to keep you and your belongings safe, also with good durability:

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This Lenovo HC07 car charger features 3 charging ports and 2 cigarette lighters, which meets you daily needs. With intelligent detection IC, it is able to match the proper current for the charging devices to achieve fast and safe charging.

Product Features:
● Support 4.8A USB port/3.0A cigarette lighter current output and 60W total power output, faster and more stable to charge.
● Built in smart charging detection IC, it can match appropriate current to meet the demands of different devices.
● Comes with three USB ports, you can charge three USB digital devices simultaneously, like smartphone, tablets, etc.
● Built-in multiple protection safety system ensures complete protection from electrical short-circuit, over-heat, over-voltage, over-charging, over-current and etc.
● Adopting fire-proof and eco-friendly materials, which can effectively protecting devices and prolonging the working life.
● Cup holder cigarette lighter appearance with delicate look, looks nice and chic in your car.
● It is not only widely compatible with a variety of USB digital devices, but also suitable for most of 12V-24V cars.

Using the design concept of the car cup, the car interior space is cleverly utilized, and the connecting wire can be wound out from the U-shaped groove on the side for easier storage:

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The Xiaomi 2nd generation headphone sports large earmuffs that are made from soft PU leather and weighs only 240g, so you won't feel discomfort even if you wear it for long periods. High fidelity sound is provided by graphene vibration diaphragm and low frequency passive radiator, make music sounds very clear, even on low and middle frequencies. Enclosed aluminium alloy sound cavity guarantees good separation from ambient noise which helps immerse in music. Thanks to 32ohms impedance and high sensibility driver unit, you can feel almost studio quality sound while wearing the headphone. High sensitive built-in microphone reduces the noise, so you can use it for phone calls, especially that there is song switch and answer calls button.

Product Features:
● Adopted graphene vibration diaphragm and low frequency passive radiator.
● Closed aluminium alloy sound cavity provides high fidelity music.
● 32ohms impedance and high sensibility, easy to drive and no need to connect with headphones amplifier.
● Has functions of voice control, songs switch and answering calls.
● High sensitive built-in microphone reduces the noise, bring a high-quality conversation.
● PU earmuffs and protein headband, more comfortable and soft.
● Detachable design, easy to carry and maintain.
● Switzerland SGS security monitoring guarantees innocuity and no radiation through RoHS, REACH, FCC, CE authentication.

In comparison with the first generation, the 2nd generation headphone is upgraded on every level. It is a bit more expensive than previous model, but given all these advantages over other earphones, it is definitely worth to pay for premium features and Xiaomi quality:

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