Well each of us differs on how we define phones the best. Each of us has an opinion whether or the other is different. Some of us may prefer apple while others will choose android.
For me, it’s Samsung Galaxy 8. It has a longer display now 5.8 inches. Also, it has an excellent camera, fast new chipset, and good battery life. The large, bezel-less display is truly iconic and beautiful, and the screen quality excellent. It has improved battery life and tweaked camera will be among the best you'll find on the top-end flagship. How about you?
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Anything that comes from a physical store, is cheap (max. $300), and better than my current smartphone. And since I only buy smartphones when they already existed for a few years, my next phone is always better and at the same price.

I'm more of a PC guy, so I invest more money in there. To me, a smartphone is like a portable gaming device, for when I can't play on my amazing pc.
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
The main problem with buying a phone is whether to wait for a better version or just get the latest version. These days every smartphone has a similar kind of design. One has to turn the mobile backside up to check which company it belongs to.
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
I believe if you see best android phones you can easily say One Plus 6T, Samsung Note 9+, Mi Note 6 Plus, and Huawei Mate 20 pro gives each other a tough fight. One can have any of these.
I am currently in a dilemma whether i should by myself a Sony or Samsung phone. Both seem like a good deal, great aesthetics, performance, basically everything.
Can you give me a helping hand and guide me towards any of these two? I am looking for a mid price one, if possible, not over $400.

Thanks so much for reading,let me know your opinion.

Much love, peace :)
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I compared both once and I gotta say they're both good, but I think I would go with Samsung, since I feel like they have a better focus on smartphones, thus I think they have a better support for the smartphones they sell me, both hardware, software and anything else related to it.

Doesn't mean I dislike Sony or never choose Sony over Samsung, but most of the times, I'm just leaning more to a Samsung Smartphone.
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
I was a happy Xperia user, but Sony couldn't cope up with the current market. The new Sony mobiles couldn't capture the market like the other smartphone companies does.
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
Samsung will win the race if compared to Sony Smartphones. Samsung has really upgraded their phones and has a great market share. To maintain and to increase their market share they are launching new products almost every 6months. Their processors, camera quality and their design has really improved over the time.
Easily listen to and control your music while on the move with the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro earphones. Featuring a wireless design, these in-ear headphones come with convenient touch controls, making it easy to control music and calls. Likewise, you can use the touch controls to activate voice assistants. In addition, they are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Designed to function independently, you can even use just one of the earbuds. Moreover, the AirDots Pro last for up to ten hours on a full charge, they also take just under one hour to charge completely. Complete with noise cancelation, the earbuds allow you to make clear calls on the go. To ensure a comfortable fit, the earbuds provide silicone tips.

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xiaomi airdots headset
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Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Earbuds.jpg
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Here's a little guide on how to download Game Guardian and a little bit on how to use it. For those that don't know what Game Guardian is, it's like CheatEngine for PC, where you look for a certain value and change it, so that you can go from having 10 coins to having 10.000.000 coins, for example.

SOUND WARNING! The video has quite loud music, so I recommend muting the video. Turn down your volume and/or remove your headphone or earplugs.

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I've found a video the other to unlock fastboot OEM on Android devices. The guy talking however is not so understandable, but the quality is good enough for you to see what he does and he goes through the steps in a decent tempo, so you can keep up with what he does.

The video takes 4 minutes, but the first minute is idle chatter and thanks for subs and stuff. The video below should skip the part you'd like to see, if not skip the video to 1:10.

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