I have a lot of phone that I used since android phone was released. And different android version was also released, like nougat,marshmallow,kitkat,jellybean,gingerbread and more..But the best android version for me was the jellybean..
What is yours?
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Wait, there's more than 1 Android? I've heard about different Android versions, just like there are different versions of Windows, like XP, 7, 8, 10, Vista and what not. But this is completely new to me.

Can someone explain me what the difference is between these Androids, and how I can switch to another version, should there be a version that I find more appealing? Or is this something that depends on the device your using? And how do I know what I'm using? I'm happy with what I'm using...
Reference: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.dreamsky.imonsterpay&hl=en_US

This game is currently free to download whereas the normal price is €1,07. I've downloaded this game and played it for a day, and it is quite fun for lovers of Roguelike dungeon games. The game has lots of various items, skill building, upgrading armor, a story, and a lot more.

Downsides to this game are:
  • Unprofessional English grammar. You can understand what they say, but it makes following the story a bit unpleasant.
  • Possible abusable bugs. Examples are infinite supply of ads you can watch for gems and free spins that are supposed to be used once but can be used everything you leave the dungeon.
  • One-time tutorial. If you didn't read a part of the tutorial and don't know what something does, you have to search online for answers.
It's not the best roguelike out there I've ever played, and I wouldn't pay for this, but since it's free to grab right now, it's definetly worth downloading and trying it for yourself.

Stay in touch to discover more paid games that are temporarily free in the Play Store.
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Lenovo HX06 smart wristband satisfies your daily needs. Whether you are a sport enthusiast or concentrate more on a healthier lifestyle, it works perfectly to help you achieve your fitness goals. Pedometer, sleep monitor, and reminders are easily accessible, so you can visualize your progress you've made by using the App. Share your accomplishments and be fitter with whom you care about.

Product Features:
● 0.87 inch Bezel-less Display
Latest bezel-less display, 0.87 inch, large enough for you to see the data as you raise the wrist.

● Sports Statistics
To help users quantify the daily exercise goals, encourage and supervise their own exercise, adjust the best physical condition.

● Sedentary Reminder
When sedentary time exceeds the setting, the band will remind you to stand up and exercise.

● Call/Information Reminder
When you have incoming call or information, the fitness tracker will shake gently and show the number, name to avoid missing important calls. It also supports English message display.

● Private Alarm Clock
5 alarms can be set to match your different needs, help to get into good habits, and be more punctual, the silent alarms will never disturb others.

● Sleep Monitoringhttps://gearvita.com/xiaomi-mi-band-3-smart-bracelet-heart-rate-monitor.html
It constantly monitors your sleep at night, with the data of light sleep and deep sleep duration, you will be able to improve the sleep quality, look nicer day after day.

● Anti-sleep Mode
In case you fall asleep when you are driving or on night duty, the smart bracelet will vibrate, thus, you will concentrate better.

● Share With Others
Because the APP supports third-party registration and login, your fitness data can be easily forwarder to WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

The Lenovo HX06 comes in Black and Blue color with interchangeable wrist straps, is priced at only $13.99 and is available from GearVita: https://gearvita.com/lenovo-hx06-smart-wristband.html

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