iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 1.jpg
The first 512 GB XS Max Max Gold iPhone in France.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 2.jpg
Picture outside the box

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 3.jpg
The iPhone XS is similar to Apple's tradition when it has virtually no external design changes and only upgrades much on the hardware inside.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 5.jpg

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 6.jpg
Included in the accessory kit is the Lightning port through 3.5mm as the iPhone model before.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 7.jpg
iPhone Xs Max is Apple's largest screen size phone - 6.5 inches, 1,242 x 2,688 pixels.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 8.jpg
The iPhone's XS Max upgrade is an OLED 120Hz display like the iPad Pro.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 9.jpg
These XS are equipped with new protective glasses for the screen that Apple said is the most durable glasses on smartphones today.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 10.jpg
Dual-format camera with basic specifications is not much different iPhone X last year with 12 megapixel resolution.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 11.jpg
The camera also improved a lot, simulating the aperture in Portrait mode. The new XS will also have a new camera system right from the sensor.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 12.jpg
The difference between the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone X is the bottom of the machine, the mic and the speakers are no longer the proportion of Apple's antenna array.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 13.jpg
The Sim tray of the iPhone Xs Max is much thicker than before due to the fact Apple is standard to be able to fit both the traditional sim tray and the physical nano sim for the Chinese version.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 14.jpg
Sim slot in previous Apple iPhone versions.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 15.jpg
The size of the iPhone Xs Max (left) is almost equal to the iPhone 8 plus.

iPhone 512 GB XS Max Gold 16.jpg
Despite having the heaviest weight in the iPhone models - up to 208 grams, but Xs Max feels lighter than the 8 Plus.
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As an essential complement to health and physical exercise, the Zeblaze Crystal 2 smartwatch can not only keep time, but also motivates you to be more active and achieve a healthy life. 1.29 inch high resolution IPS screen give you the ultimate visual enjoyment and touch experience, built-in high performance battery ensures a long time standby. It also has the superb craftsmanship and stylish appearance for formal or usual occasion.

Connect the Zeblaze Crystal 2 to the GPS of your phone, it can accurately track your location. After a workout, you will get a summary of your performance, such as heart rate, distance and a map of your route after training.

Product Features:
● Advanced Configuration
Adopting high precision sensor and Bluetooth 4.0 technology, make perfect compatibility with iOS8.0 and Android4.4 or above system.

● 1.29 inch IPS Touch Screen
High resolution IPS color display give you the ultimate visual enjoyment and touch experience.

● All-day Activity Tracking
Connect Crystal 2 to your phone’s GPS, no matter where you are, it can precisely track your location. After a workout, you will get a summary of your performance, such as heart rate, distance and a map of your route post-workout.

● Heart Rate Monitor
Get continuous, automatic and accurate heart rate tracking right on your wrist with Crystal 2. During exercise, check your real-time heart rate chart to analyze fat burning and optimize exercise intensity and time.

● Sleep Monitor
Monitor your sleep quality, help you make better choices. It can automatically record your sleep, you can also view the sleep duration and more data in the APP, helping you develop good sleep habits.

● USB Charging, Long Battery Life
High-performance battery ensures 5-7 days standby time after fully charged.

● Real-time Message and Call Reminder
Check your calls, messages and date reminders on your wrist, which enable you never missing any important calls and messages.

● Better Water Resistant
Designed for a variety of demanding sports environments, Crystal 2 can prevent sweat during strenuous exercise with IP67 waterproof and dustproof design.

● Remote Camera
With Bluetooth function, the watch can connected with APP of your phone, to used as a remote controller, let you taking photo more convenient.

● Exquisite Workmanship
The firm case is matched with Japanese imported paint, 20mm universal band, easy disassembled, simple and pure without losing texture.

● Multiple Watch Dial
Different kinds of dial interface available, highlight your personality, add some color to your life.

Zeblaze Crystal 2 has a similar appearance to that of the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip and Apple Watch. If you want to find a smartwatch that looks similar to Xiaomi Bip and Apple Watch but of cheap price, you must not miss it. After all, it costs only $29.99 on GearVita, which is much lower than Xiaomi Bip and Apple watch: https://gearvita.com/zeblaze-crystal-2-smart-bracelet.html

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With only $29.99 you will get all these goodies. I cannot believe a watch can contain all these. It is wonderful. The Zeblaze Crystal 2 is a great watch. Kudos to the manufacturers.
The Xiaomi Mijia Smartwatch comes in a very nice and classic appearance that is very attractive. The watch sports a circular design with a round of chassis 40mm. The mirror of the watch is fabricated from mineral coated glass which ensures rugged use of the watch without fear of damage. The watch is IP67 waterproof so you don’t have to be not scared of rainy days or any outdoor activities. It is available in black, blue, and gray.

Product Features:
● Dual Dial Simple Design, Interpretation Track of Time
In keeping with the German industrial design, the classic 40mm dial with double dial design is only 3.2mm at the thinnest point. The large dial shows the time in a clear and clear manner, and the small dial shows the progress of the movement, time and number of steps, at a glance. At the same time, the use of a densely-structured brass hands to maximize the dial display, the dial's glitter and CD pattern, ultra-narrow bezel design, make the watch look better and more eye-catching.

● Double Leather Strap Inside and Outside, Style Free to Match
The leather on both sides is the same, the Italian cowhide is selected, and the manual raw material processing technology is adopted. The strap is stronger and more breathable, and the wearing is soft and comfortable. Strap with quick release ear, with a single click, you can easily change the different color strap accroding to your preference.

● Daily Life Waterproof, Free Charging Button Battery
3ATM professional protection level, which means you could wear it even in the rain, hand washing, don't worry of it. Free charging, use botton battery, in typical use. It can meet the endurable of or more in 6 months.

● Time Zone Free Switching When Auto-calibration
The Xiaomi mijia quartz watch supports Bluetooth connection to the phone, and the watch automatically synachronizes the Internet time every time it is connected, without manual proofreading. Travel abroad, different time zones, one-click switching, display accurate time anytime, anywhere.

● Bluetooth 4.0 Chip, Low Consumption and Fast-paced
The strength of interpretation of design and beauty, but close to life, and consider the functionality. The built-in Bluetooth chip connectes to the mobile phone, making it easy to implement more intelligent functions, making everyday life more convenient and everything is more convenient.

● Imported Precision Movement, Stainless Steel Superb Case
The mijia quartz watch adopts an imported movement with higher stability and accuracy, the case is made of hard and wear-resistant stainless steel. It has been forged in more than 70 processes, and the surface is matte and elegant.

● Water Droplet Arc Design, Tempered Glass Mirror
In order to achieve an elegant water droplet arc design, while enhancing the impact resistance of the dail. Using a three-section Chebyx curved surface design to reduce the reflective surface of the glass, the light transmittance is higher, and the reading table under the sun is also clearly visible.

● Built-in Motion Sensor to Record Every Step of Life
Built-in motion sensor for detailed tracking of step count information. You can check the number of sports steps on the day through the small dial of Mijia quartz watch, or you can check the sports details through the Mijia APP.

● Interval Reminder
Set interval reminder or hourly chime, then the watch will vibrate and remind. Combine interval reminders with your own fitness or work plan to better manage time and increase efficiency.

● VIP Call Reminder
When the important contact calls, the watch will vibrate and remind you to set up to 10 groups of incoming call reminders for the watch, without missing any important call.

● Alarm Reminder
Up to 10 sets of alarms can be set for the watch, and the watch will be alerted by vibrate without disturbing the people around you, including alarms when getting up, important reminders, etc.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch is the new hybrid smartwatch of Xiaomi, announced as one of the most interesting news for the wearable sector. It is a smart product halfway between an analogue clock and a modern device, able to combine the best of the two worlds while still keeping a close eye on the price, much lower than other watches in the same category as the price on GearVita is $59.99 with applying the coupon code "MIQUARTZ": https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-mijia-quartz-waterproof-smartwatch.html

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Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch.jpg
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A very stylist and cozy watch indeed! How I wish I have that kind of watch on my wrist. The specifications will suit a tech guy's in need. The price also resonable for such a wonderful watch.

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