In the field of free mobile games, it's hard to decide just for them a couple. But whether you are a fan of shooting, racing games or chess, you will find something for yourself on this list:

1. Capitals
In the field in front of you are letters, which you combine whatever you want in words. But there is a cake! Play against players online or against the player beside you. Each of you fights to take over the field, and the field is downloaded when you agree the word from the letters in the fields.

Advantages: Train your brain. If you like games that are a little competitive, this will be great for you!
Disadvantage: Before each game you have to watch a short video.

2. The Battle of Polytopia
You have to build your own kingdom. You are entitled to 30 moves per game and the resources are limited so you really have to think about what and how to do it. In this game you also play against other players, fight against the enemies and all you can expect from a kingdom.

Advantages: This is a more strategic game, so it will make you concentrate.
Disadvantage: To unlock the 'whole game', you have to pay.

3. Circle Affinity
This seems to be a free version of the game Circa Infinity. A game based on reflexes and simply quick thinking. To not explain the mechanics of the game, it's best to look at this video.

Advantages: It's not very tough but it's fun fun. And feeling when you win some level at which you stumble is invaluable!
Disadvantage: The only way to get rid of the ads inside the game is to pay. Paying also opens up more levels.

4. Binary Dash
You know these games. Your character is running, and all you can do is tell him to jump or to turn upside down and run on the bottom of the folder. You can choose different characters, collect coins and unlock different new content.

Advantages: Absolutely everything in this game is free. There is no payment to unlock new levels, but if you want to remove ads, it will cost you only one dollar!
Disadvantage: There are about one hundred of these games. Really.

5. Really Bad Chess
The chess is a nice game. Both sides of the board are the same, and who will win is just a matter of skill. But not in this game. In this game, sometimes you will have four horses or two queens. Sometimes your opponent will have four queens and two hunters. This is not a fair game, this is a game that takes you to take everything you know about chess and use it according to the new rules on the board.

Advantages: Perfect for chess fans who want an extra challenge.
Disadvantage: It's terrible for people who do not know how to play chess, because you will not find it good.
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Really Bad Chess looks fun. Can you play that with another person on the same phone?
Yeah, any chess is fun.But this one is with weird rules.
As you can see , rules change and,as said. you can have 4 queens on 2 rocks or something like that.
Yes there is possible to play against other people.
Battle of Polytopia is a great game to pass the time. It's just a really big shame that you have to pay in order to play against (or with) other players online. Also, it cost a dollar to unlock a single tribe and even more for the few special tribes. Different tribes just have a different environment and each tribe starts with a different perk, so I suppose tribes could form a pay2win aspect in the online game mode. Which is why I don't pay anything for it. Good thing I can still look for...
Everyone of us took a selfie at some point of our lives.
Even if we hate to do them and hate to admit that we did, we take selfies.
Maybe not for us, but for our families, partners, friends, etc...

I am going to give you a quick review of few apps that you could use to make your selfie look better.All of them could be downloaded for iOS and Android.

Let's begin:

1. B612

The first one is the B612, one of the selfie cameras that is quite popular in today's selfie applications. The strength of this software is that it's easy to use, capable of capturing 5 skin-beauty and special modes that can turn your V-line face to dashing.

It can be download on both iOS and Android.

2. Snow

Popular Selfie application is popular with young people because there are many fun stickers with unique effects such as facial expressions, among many.


3. BeautyPlus

App of pretty good value apart from the interesting stickers along with the application's erase mode, which will be very useful for those who like to delete the fonts. My phone does not support it.


4. PhotoWonder

This is a powerful image editing application but with the features it offers such as facial beauty, tapering, beautiful skin or making your lips look better, Photo Wonder is worth your time.

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That's a nice list of apps and I'm definetly going to install one of them, but these apps can also be used for non-selfie pics, right? Who says I can't snap a picture of my family or closest friends, and then doing all kinds of crazy stuff with them and then send them the final work of my creation. As long as we can all laugh about it, right? What a great time it is to be alive...
Shorcuts in flashdrive kept appearing whenever i inserted it in my laptop. So, I assumed that maybe my laptop have virus.
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Every computer should have a built in security program with a virus scanner and a way to quarantine infected files. Not that they always do a good job, like running a troubleshooter and it either comes up with nothing, says everything is okay while it isn't, or tells you stuff you already knew.

But if you're looking for a good antivirus program, I would recommend using AVG.
The smartphone has become the unifying tool for travelers with its ability to combine several functions into one device. It is a booking computer, a map, a information kiosk, a currency converter, a review resource, a camera, a photo album, a correspondence tool, a calendar and so much more because of the many apps that you can use on it specifically for travel. Which apps are most useful for your travels?
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For travelling, I would just look it up on Google maps and save the image and path on my smartphone (I don't pay for Internet on my phone). I know there's a couple of people that use an app called Ways. It sounds like that, but I have no idea if that's how you properly spell the app that I'm thinking off. It could be WayZ. I'll have to look it up myself.
It's a shame many of these apps require internet. I wish there was an app with a map that relies solely on GPS and not Internet.
I am really bad at directions and remembering streets and I feel like without Google maps I would be wandering aimless through the city if I'm looking for a certain place. I absolutely love Google maps and I appreciate the way it helps me a lot especially in looking for places. What is the most useful app in your phone?
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Most useful? Well, my alarm for sure. Google maps is certainly useful, but I only need to use it once every now and then to find out my way to a new location, but after going there I know the way and don't need to look it up anymore. Whereas my alarm is something that ensures I wake up in time every day, which is really helpful if you wake up naturally at 8am and have to wake up at 4:30am.

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