If your iPhone is operating and displays a very annoying message that the SIM card is invalid or No SIM has resulted in you being unable to use the service. Now take a step-by-step approach to solving problems with your SIM card when mounting it on your iPhone.

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Notice that the SIM is not installed on the iPhone.

Does your SIM card still work?
The first thing you need to make sure is that the SIM card that you have inserted into the iPhone works and is valid. You can be sure of that by inserting it into another phone and making a call with it.

Restart iPhone
One way to help solve that connection problem is to restart your iPhone. You can even reset iPhone to make sure it supports everything and no conflicts.

Try disconnecting and reinserting the SIM card

If the iPhone is still not connected to the cellular network, try removing the SIM card from the SIM tray and inserting it again. Also make sure that the SIM tray works with the iPhone's SIM card.

Try using a different SIM card
If there is another SIM card around or if you can borrow from a friend, insert another SIM card into your iPhone's SIM tray to see if it works.

Check for Update from Service Provider
iPhone may require the installation of a service provider update. You can check this by going to Settings> General> About. When this page opens and updates are available, you will receive an alert. Just click the OK or Update button to apply the update.

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Check for updates from your mobile service provider.

Be sure to run the latest software
You should install the latest version of iOS on your device to ensure that it has no software-related issues. To see if there are any updates, go to Settings> General> Software Update.

Reset network settings
You can try resetting your network settings on your iPhone to resolve SIM connection issues. To do this go to Settings> General> Reset, then click the Reset Network Settings option.

Restore iPhone
Finally, the way you can do it is to put iPhone back to its original installation state via iTunes or use the system restore feature. This will reinstall the software on your device and may resolve the problem without a SIM card or a valid SIM card.

Hope that helped!
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While restarting your device is always an option, it usually doesn't solve such nasty error messages. Same for taking out your SIM card and putting it back in again, maybe clean it a bit once it's removed first. Don't get me wrong, the whole "Have you tried turning it off and on again" method is usually what does the trick and it's always worth mentioning, I just find it hilarious and sad that errors like this occur for no proper reason, if simple fixes like these actually solve the problem...
The Lenovo Watch X Plus introduces a special “Swiss core mechanism” produced by Ronda which uses the core gear box to create a smart movement and make the watch thinner. At the same time, the Lenovo Watch X Plus will also come with an high-quality Milanese strap, reappearing Milan in the late 19th century, the woven silky stainless steel mesh can be gently wrapped around the wrist for a final premium look. Like the Lenovo Watch X, the Lenovo Watch X Plus is a water-resistant smartwatch with an OLED display and 316L stainless steel casing, the screen is covered by sapphire crystal glass and luminous needles.

Features wise, the Lenovo Watch X Plus supports functions such as step counting, sleep, heart rate monitoring, finding your mobile phone, alarm reminders, sedentary reminders, it is 80m waterproof . Built-in geomagnetic sensor and air pressure temperature sensor, it can be more useful when climbing, running swimming or doing other activities, it’ll then show the altitude, temperature and other real-time monitoring data. With a 600mAh battery, you can use this watch for up to 45 consecutive days with just one charge.

Product Functions:
● Heart rate monitor: HRM heart rate monitor function will give you the real-time feedback, let you know about your heart rate anytime and anywhere.
● Sleep monitor: it monitors your sleep quality through measurement of duration for deep sleep, non-REM sleep and waking condition.
● Alarm remind: setting the alarm clock on the smartphone, the watch will remind you with vibration.
● Remote camera: control your smartphone to take phones on your wrist.
● Anti-lost: when it's synchronized with your phone, the watch gives an alarm by vibration or ring when the phone is more than 10m away from the smart watch.
● Barometer and thermometer: real-time temperature monitoring, ambient temperature measurement.

Product Features:
● 8ATM 80m Waterproof
8ATM waterproof sealing process, 80 meters waterproof, ensure normal use of under 80 meters water pressure, you don't need take off the Lenovo Watch X Plus smartwatch when washing hands or swimming.

● Milanese Strap
Woven, smooth and stainless steel mesh milanese strap, anti-sweat breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable. Gently wraps around the wrist with magnetism, free to adjust, make sure it fits snugly your wrist.

● Sapphire Glass Mirror
Adopts sapphire glass mirror material, up to 9H hardness, rank only second to diamond. High light transmittance, time is clearly visible, so beautiful and attractive.

● 316 Steel Casing
The shell is made of zinc alloy sand blast and vacuum ion plating process, with excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance, lightweight, suitable for daily life sports wear. The bottom cover is made of 316L Medical Knife Stainless steel.

● Luminous Pointer
Retro pointer design, classic and delicate, advanced copper pointer, batch process polishing. Luminous display, catch an accurate time even in the dark.

● Bluetooth Connection
Bluetooth 5.0 ensures approx 15-25m range, support OTA for Android 4.3 or above and IOS 8.0 or above.

● Call or Message Push
Lenovo Watch X Plus will vibrate when Calls or other app notification comes, short press or shake your waist will hang off, lead a smart life from now on.

● Remote Camera
In APP camera, short press key or shake your hands to realize a quick picture take, very convenient.

● Know Your Heart - Heart Rate Monitor
24 hours all-weather to monitor your heartbeat changes and show a clear picture of the data on App.

● Accompany You to Sleep - Sleep Monitor
Monitor the your deep or light sleep state, help improve sleep quality, keep beautiful skin.

● Call You Walk - Sedentary Reminder
When sedentary time reaches the setting time, this band will remind you to get.

● Fitness Tracker - Pedometer
Keep track of each steps, focus on your physical health, achieve your goals more efficiently, and make your workout more dynamic.

● 45 Days Long Standby Time
45 days long standby time, save your charging times and avoid the trouble of frequent charging.

● Gesture Photographing
The band-new Lenovo watch intimately joined the gesture camera function, entered the watch APP camera interface, short press or shake the watch to quickly take picture, tailored for you to love self-timer, enjoy the trend of a new life.

The Watch X Plus looks quite stylish, along with the Milano style strap with silver and black cases, also the rose gold case successfully combined with a copper leather strap. If you are a person who likes the hybrid of traditional watches and smart watches, you must not miss it. You can go to GearVita and choose the model suits you according to your preference: https://gearvita.com/lenovo-watch-x-plus-bluetooth-waterproof-smartwatch.html

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This is a superwatch. Its great features makes it unique. It monitors nearly all activities worth monitoring and more. I love the sleep monitoring one.
Question regarding the heart rate monitor: Is it possible to show that data live on a computer or any other device? If so, what are the requirements to achieve this? For example, do I need wifi, bluetooth, or can I connect it with a wire, or how does it work? Is there any kind of additional software I need to download to make this happen? Can it only connect to Windows, Mac, Android or can it connect to everything or nothing?

Also, I don't quite understand what Luminous pointer means. I've...
This Xiaomi gaming keyboard is best for gamers. Ergonomic design key sorting, easier and more convenient to use, providing you with better using experience. 32bit ARM main control, comes with quick response, bringing you different gaming experience. With RGB symphony backlight, beautiful and fashionable.

Product Features:
● RGB Dynamic Light Effect
Simple and elegant appearance with metal and ABS shell, pretty RGB dynamic light effect can give you a better gaming experience.

● Aluminium Alloy Cover, Better Texture
After stamping, polishing, CNC, sandblasting, anodic oxidation and radium carving process, the keyboard has a beautiful appearance and great touch feeling,

● Double Colors Injection Cap for Light Transmission
Made of PBT and PC material, the key caps are durable and wearproof, unique technique makes it cool and exquisite.

● Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Feeling
Adopting ergonomic design, the arrangement of the keys are perfectly fit for the angles of your fingers. It can provide you with comfortable and feeling.

● Upgraded Switch, Good Game Feeling
Adopting upgraded gaming switch, whose trigger force is between classic red switch and black switch, it can give you a good game feeling.

● 32-bit ARM Master, Quick Response to Your Operation
Adopting Sonix 32-bit ARM master MCU, 48M dominant frequency, rate of return is up to 1000Hz, it can rapidly handle with all kinds of data.

● Anti-ghost 33 Keys
Support anti-ghost 33 keys, you can operate easily with multiple keys operation to win advantage.

Xiaomi gaming keyboard, which priced at $56.99 on GearVita, is born for athletics! It feels comfortable, more conducive to the game operation, will give you a brand new gaming experience: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-rgb-backlight-104keys-mechanical-gaming-keyboard.html

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