Well i'm very curious about Samsung phones, Why their so famous ? Is it because they are also one of the first brand that release with an android OS? Or because of the great durability it brings? For now it is still a big question at the back of my head.
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I been using Samsung in how many several years, In my experience Samsung is most trusted brand, a friendly user interface smart phone. It has also lots of features like, wide clear screen display, broad range of internal memory up to 64 GB, dual camera with a high MP that can used all the time for taking pictures and recording videos and it has a extended life battery.
Well, Samsung has great offers to you. you can download games, movies, apps, and games as long as you want to. Unlike in Iphone, you cannot easily download things. It's because the protect the so called copyright of one app, music, etc. You can do whatever you want on Samsung. On the other hand, I very much like Samsung than the other Android phones because they make good and has high durability smartphones. Camera, built-in speakers, fingerprints and other things is a total package for Samsung.
Both Samsung and Apple are the best brands, but Samsung beats Apple due to their prices being lower. But what can you expect when Apple apperantly makes bad financial decisions, that they even have to sell charges seperately from the phone? Not sure if that's just a rumor though, but still, I see no reason why Apple stuff is so expensive. If they'd sell cheaper than Samsung, they'd be the best brand.

But then again, if you can promote Samsung stuff with your own brand and sell it at a...
Mitu mobile phone control robot is another innovative products from Xiaomi. It is made of high quality green material, consisting of 978 parts, which will need your intelligence and patience to finish building it. So quite a challenge for kids above 10, even a difficult task for adult. Would you like to accept this challenge?

Product Features:
● Made of high quality green ABS material, eco-friendly, safe and durable.
● 978 parts can compose into different fantastic forms, you can assemble by your own design, also assemble the robot and dinosaur according to the manual.
● Cater pillar design provides great gripping and trafficability.
● With two high power carbon brush motor, the motor can judge the action of the robot.
● The accuracy of robot parts can reach 0.005mm high precision.
● Auto-balance system makes this robot not easy to fall and support another 1.5kg loading.
● Just like smart phone, this robot has its own original processor Cortex M3 32 bit.
● Can control it under 3 different modes, App control, voice control and program control.
● Easy control by special APP offers control of stick, gyroscope, path.
● When locked rotor happens, the motor can start the protection mode to stop the burn of robot.
● With 4 USB Type-C ports, which can not only recharge the robot but also can drive other expansion devices.
● Modularization graphical programming function means you can let this robot dance.

In the process of assembly, not only can exercise the practical ability, but also enjoy the pleasure of this DIY process, especially the great sense of accomplishment brought by the successful assembly. Come buy it on GearVita and together to accept this challenge: https://gearvita.com/mitu-diy-mobile-phone-control-robot.html

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Xiaomi MITU DIY Mobile Phone Control Robot.jpeg
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This mini cartoon speaker is made of high quality material, durable and sturdy in use. It is lightweight and stylish, can be carried anywhere you want. The practical Bluetooth speaker with super clear and hi-fi sound effects brings you good listening experience.

Product Features:
● Mini Bluetooth speaker, little size, easy to carry
● With a pair of functions, two can be connected to achieve dual-channel effect.
● Connect Bluetooth device to play music.
● Built-in microphone allows you to make and receive calls, you will not miss the important call.
● With selfie function that lets you remotely activate Bluetooth enabled cameras for still shots and videos.
● BT4.1 provides steady wireless transmission distance up to 10m.
● Intelligently compatible with 99% of Bluetooth devices.
● Hi-Fi driving unit delivers vigorous magnificant clear sound.
● Brings impressive, rich, and clear sound with a 3W audio driver.
● Portable size fits into pocket or hang on backpack.

There are cat, dog, panda, pig, bear and mouse 6 different animals at $9.99 on GearVita for option. The mini cartoon speaker is superior to small and loud voice, it must be the best surprise to your kids, your familes and your friends: https://gearvita.com/bm06-mini-cartoon-speaker.html

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Mini Cartoon Speaker.JPG
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My girlfriend likes to know what she could buy me for the Holidays, and I thought it was about time I'd get myself a microphone to increase the quality of my Twitch streams (and overall conversations on my PC).

So, does anyone have any good recommendations for me? I'm not a big streamer, I don't need the best/most expensive thing on the market. Just something that can filter out some background noise and decently record my voice, at least better than the mic of a headset.

The budget is €70 (avg. $79.54)
Let me know if you could use more details.
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So what exactly is the big deal about this whole fps thing? If you record a video at a higher fps it will absolutely destroy your video quality and it basically doesn't even make sense to record it in 60fps. But if you do it in 30 then the video almost seems choppy and laggy. What exactly am i supposed to do here to get a decent fps and video quality and what would you change if you could?
This is something that just makes absolutely no sense and i wish we could do something about it when it comes do mid/high range smartphones.
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FPS stands for Frames Per Second, it basically means more to see in a second. Example is a bouncing ball. If you have 2 FPS your just gonna see two movements one the ball in the ground and another a ball on the top. Now the higher the FPS the more clear movements or animation you will see. But its not all FPS in video and animation quality, it also involves hardware renditions so you will not see any blurriness and frame glitches.

Many of us thought a higher FPS on videos and games will...
What i wanted to ask was why can't we find the sweet spot when it comes to recording a video on a smartphone? We have to choose between a choppy and laggy 30FPS with a good quality or a smooth 60FPS with a pretty bad quality. How do we fix that and is there even a phone that can record in the...
60 fps videos are better than 30 fps videos. However, there are still occasions that I pick 30 fps over 60 fps. Just like what you've said, my phone also make me choose between 30 fps of higher video quality or a 60 fps with lower video quality. Most of the time, 30 fps would is sufficient already and not everyone would notice a difference. Try using a different camera app or fiddle with your camera settings. Try turning OIS or EIS on. In my case, I am using an LG G5 right now and I use FHD...
60FPS (Frames Per Second) just shows your videos and games smoother than 30FPS. I honestly don't see why 30 FPS would be better. It's like comparing a Nintendo DS with a Nintendo 3DS. It's the same thing, but the 3D is better.
The only downside I can think of is the price, but I don't find that a valid argument in this case, except if the price is doubled as well, but then it wouldn't just be the FPS that makes the device that much more expensive.

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