Hi, Samsung Note 9 is out on the market, and the speculations with Samsung Note phones are still currently the concern of some users. A 4000mAh battery phone for this type of model. Some says, that it might get explode again just like the Note 7. But according to the manufacturers, the phone was made to perfection (just like they’ve said about the Note 7).

What are your thoughts about it? Do they really resolved the problem?
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The basic design and chemistry begin lithium-ion batteries make them capable of exploding, there's nothing you can do you erase that aspect. Any phone you have could, at any given moment, go off like a firecracker and there's nothing you can do to prevent that. So, could the Note 9 be a timebomb like the 7 was? Sure, and I have read a report about a 9 allegedly going off. Keep in mind that Samsung produces an enormous number of phones so the odds are that some phone is going to light up at...
Hi, I wanted to try Oppo but I'm a little bit confuse of what to choose. F7 or F9? Is F9 better than F7? Or they are just almost the same at specs?
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Hi Marian, the both phones have the most same specifications, however in terms of aspect size and the resolution of the screen Oppo F9 succeeds. It has 6.3 inches (16 cm) compared to the Oppo F7 that has only 6.23 inches (15.82 cm). And to add up, the screen resolution for the F9 is 1080 x 2340 pixels not just like the F7 that only has 1080 x 2280 pixels (not a very much difference). But everything in general much alike/same.

For me, better stick with the Oppo F7 (in a practical way), since...
F9 and F7 has almost the same specs. My sister have F9 opposition and I notice that the camera is ok, battery life is longer than other.
I am new here! Hope i'll can get along with you guys. My only concern is that the post/comments that I've sent needs an approval, I'm hoping that's normal. Enjoy! See you around guys!
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Do not worry if the comment is long enough and adds value to the post. It will be approved. That us normal.

Welcome aboard. My hope is that you will find the site much help.

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