The answer depends on your needs as a user and how you use your phones. As a user of a Samsung J6 2018, I think that this phone can handle the very basics of smartphones such as texting, calling, gaming, video and photo capture, and others. It does work well but don't expect too much from the phone. After sometime which I estimate is a few months (2 -3) I experienced a couple of lags but it was not the that noticeable. The main problem that I have from the phone is the camera; the camera for me is below average due to the lack of focus that the phone has it performs badly in dim lights and creates too much noise, but the phone has a front facing light for selfies and also in the back so I think it makes up for it. Aside from the camera I really don't have any complaints since the phone works alright for me. Phone calls are great, viewing movies are good, the speaker for me is loud, the overall experience for me was great. That is why I think that the phone is worth it especially since the is on sale in some places.
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Rob Reece
Rob Reece
Obviously, it is worth to buy the midrange units of Samsung because it doesn't require a high budget while you still have a good phone to use. Some can compare with high models of Samesung but more lower price.
Of course it is worth it. I own a J7 Pro from Samsung and as far as its performance is concerned. I'm very much more satisfied with it. In terms of pictures, I enjoy a very high quality of pictures. in terms of connectivity. It offers a fast internet connections with an LTE enabled netwok connections. So with this, Samsung's mid range phone are worth our money.
I must say that it is worth it. I'm a fan of A series too and it met my expectation in the features at a budget friendly price.
Hey! I have a little dilemma. My laptop is old and I mean like 13 year old. It's a Toshiba Tecra A5. Its HDD is almost full and it's missing some keys from the keyboard. I need a new one but I don't know much about laptops. I don't need an awesome or mind blowing new model. I just need a laptop with decent specs; good memory RAM, battery... those kinds of things. One that I can use to write a lot and do some text editing. Oh, and I sometimes play lots of PC games. So, a laptop for an occasional gamer. Do you have any recommendation?
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From my work, I received a Lenovo to work with, and it sure was a solid pick. Not the most powerful laptop I had, wouldn't recommend it for gaming, but its work speed was real fast and could run a few huge apps at once.
Asus is also one I was happy with. Now, 6-7 years later, it still works, but with a really slow startup process, because of its age.
I personally would suggest any thing from Asus, best laptops I tried were made by them, if not you can look into HP or DELL, they have good laptops two also not that expensive, it's not gonna be the choice you pick if you're really into gaming, but honestly *i think you better wait longer to have enough money to buy a really good one than just buying whatever and end up regretting it.
I would recommend the ASUS Republic of Gamers Hero Edition Laptop. It is a mid-price gaming/work machine that has everything: HD monitor that is pleasing to the eyes, CPU that has the power to smoothly run graphics-intensive software, and an edgy and stylized body that looks so cool anywhere. Below are the specs for your reference.

ASUS ROG STRIX GL503GE-ES52 (Hero Edition) 15.6" 120Hz (3ms) Full HD Gaming Laptop w / GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 (Coffee Lake Core i5-8300H)

I was wondering if some forum members can help me out with this question.

I am looking to buy an iPad but I have no experiences with them and do not know what should I expect.

Can some members guide me trough some specifications their iPads have and their price ?

That would be of big help!
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Just playing Devil's advocate here, but I'd like to know exactly why you are getting an iPad as opposed to another type of tablet? You could save some money in the long run, but I understand why a lot of people gravitate towards Apple due to their solid hardware and sleek UI.
if you are thinking to go with the ipad then go with the latest ipad 2018 version which has some good improvements in terms of features and specifications and also has apple pencil support.
I have been a happy and very satisfied IPad Mini user since October 2015. The size belies the processing power and storage space within. I have stored a countless number of photos and installed numerous applications and still, it runs as smooth as silk. True, the Apple products are priced much higher but they truly give you the best bang for your bucks.
This is just a general question. If you like to read, would you rather read from a physical book or read it as a png file (or however it's done) on your phone or tablet?

Personally, I prefer the physical book. Mainly so that I always know how long the current book still is. It gives me that constant reminder in my head that tells me how close we are to the plot point and the ending. I also love the smell of newly purchased books. I don't know if eBooks have it, but in fantasy stories, there often a map of the world the story is situated in, giving you a better idea of where the protagonist is and where who is planning to go somewhere. Also other valuable information, like a glossary or other books in the series or by the author.

And all in all, I just love holding a book and turning pages, rather than scrolling. It would make me feel like I'm scrolling through a long post on 9gag. And being on my phone, I usually let myself be distracted by games or 9gag, to the point where I forgot that I was reading a book.

So what about you guys? Physical books or eBooks? Or both?
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Glad to see someone who's also from the old stamp! Doesn't mean eBooks are bad, no, far from it. But there's just something about holding an actual books and reading through the pages.

So what kind of books do all of you read? My niche is Fantasy, and a little touch of Sci-fi is acceptable (so no big intergalactic wars with lots of tech). Last series I read was the Talon Saga (5 books) by Julie Kagawa. An excellent mix of 50% real life (well, the story happens in real life, but we see the...
I really love reading either physical books or an ebook. I read stories in different apps online when there are times when I can't yet afford to buy the book. But aside from being just a reader I also collect books so I prefer them than an ebook.
For the new generation e-books are the norm and I think it is more convenient to carry your phone rather than a physical book. But the downside is there are plenty of temptations when you are using your phone, rather than finish reading the book you tend to waste your time in social media or online games. That is why e-books can never replace the feeling of flipping a page the sensation of holding a book and being swallowed by the contents of what you are reading, in other words, you feel...
I plan to buy oppo a3s this coming december, i want to know the reviews and feedback about this. Is oppo a3s good for Gaming?
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It only has 2GB RAM, so I'll say no, that is not a good smartphone for gaming. My smartphone is currently running 1 farming game, nothing too big, and it's already above 2GB of RAM usage. If you want to run the smartphone equivalent of PUBG, CSGO and League of Legends, then 2GB RAM is way too small.

Go for at least 4GB RAM, preferably 8GB RAM.
Your choice of phone to used depends as to what kind of game you're planning to install. I have Oppo A3's but it tends to lagged in some cases. RAM for Oppo is way to small for heavy application requiring 4GB RAM and up.

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