I'm in the market for a 20,000 mAh powerbank with at least one fast charging port and a minimum of two output ports. A reliable brand with a good warranty response record would be preferred. Which ones would you recommend?
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Hello guys!

I would like to know if you use a smartphone case to protect your phone. I know some people prefer to use their phones without a smartphone case because it looks better and it feels better in one's hand. People who prefer their smartphones to have cases want them because they can customize the phone's appearance to their liking. It also adds protection to their phones.

Do you prefer to have a smartphone case or not? :)
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Valerie Green
Valerie Green
Yes,if you love your phone then taking care of it would be the first priority. So putting a gorilla glass on it will really help the screen from scratches and back covers are like the life savor. Unknowingly when the phone falls down, it is really painful to see, it feels like we are going to get heart attack. So better cover your phone with a solid back cover.
Hello to all of you.

Few months ago I dropped my Iphone 6s and the touchscreen got really damaged.The weird part is that the touchscreen wasn't damage physically but only from the inside since I was not able to use touchscreen for 5-10 minutes, then I was able to use it for 10 minutes and so on.
I have read that Apple made a mistake called ''Iphone touch disease'' that has been in-build in the phones.
As I recall, Apple was offering to fix it for around 150$ but since that we do not have Apple stores in my country, I just put a small piece of plastic on my touch sensor and when I push that spot a little bit I am able to use touchscreen.

Anyone had same issue ?
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Hold up, let me get this straight: Apple was aware of something that could go wrong with their smartphones, and when it happened to someone they would fix it for 150 dollars? You ought to think that this would be included within your warranty. I mean, I could just buy a new phone if that were to happen to me twice.

Yet another reason for sticking with Android devices.
stephen Robert
The same problem i had faced. They charged me $149. But the thing we can buy new mobile with this repair cost
Voruganti Srikanth
Hi Mate,
Even I'm facing the same problem with the mobile. Choosing a brand is not a difficult thing on that I-phone is too expensive. Even, the spare parts wt we use for iphone are highly cost. But, the phone features are good. Thus, Most people prefer this mobiles. Anywhere you done with your mobile. Happy to listen that.
Well i'm very curious about Samsung phones, Why their so famous ? Is it because they are also one of the first brand that release with an android OS? Or because of the great durability it brings? For now it is still a big question at the back of my head.
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Well, when mobile phones hit the market way in the late 80s and early 90s,(depending on the country and region) everyone including me were super excited about owning the gadget through the price dictated which brand to go for. As the competition heightened so came the test on quality.
That's when Samsung started to stand out from the crowd to deliver user-friendly phones in terms of size, quality, usability...name it. With time their reputation grew because they seemed to be ahead of the...
I have a Samsung phone which I am very fond of.I like mostly the camera as takes high quality pics, with high resolution.There is the battery as well showing up durability, it takes me using more than 20 hours till I have to recharge the phone again.There is a wide range of features and applications to choose from.Altogether my Samsung device has all the qualities I am expecting from a phone in today's technology world.
Samsung phone is more easy to use than the other phone and the camera is very clear. The Samsung is very competetive to the other brand.
Hi, so I'm in the market for a new tablet. I had an iPad Air 1st gen for a long time and it recently packed up and died on me. It won't turn on or charge anymore, so I'm in the market for a new tablet. I would like to try to keep it under $500 if possible. Saying that, I'd like a keyboard case with it if possible, but most importantly I'd like it to have a good 720P HD camera and a good microphone for skype video calls.

I'm looking for an android device and was considering the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 but it's a bit out of my price range, and I know the S4 is coming out soon.......what would be the tablet everyone recommends from a $300-600 price range? Thanks!
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I don't know much about tablets, but seeing how you need it for Skype calls, I will tell you (and everyone who does know more about this topic) to keep in mind that the tablet should have something so you can put it up vertically and stationary. I don't know if your Skype calls are for professional use, but as someone who receive calls, I hate it when the camera is shaking and not person I'm talking to isn't at the same height is their camera, I feel annoyed.

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