Xiaomi 70mai Midrive D05 is equipped with OmniVision low-power image sensor, so that the picture quality is exquisite and the complex scene is factually restored. The maximum resolution of 2560 × 1600 can easily capture the full HD pictures, the F1.8 large aperture makes the amount of light more abundant. 140° wide angle ensures a wider range of field of view, no matter day or night, sunny and cloudy, every detail on the road can be recorded. It has built-in Hisilicon Hi3556 V200 high-performance processor, which can quickly process huge driving record data, and faster compression technology, the compression ratio of which is increased by 30% compared to the traditional H.264 decoding, saves storage space.

Product Features:
● Concealed design, does not block the view of the driving, leaving more space for the road.
● Automatic loop recording, automatic coverage when storage space is full.
● Built-in collision sensor, emergency video independent latch.
● Parking monitoring, after the vehicle turns off, continue to monitor the vehicle status and automatically record abnormal collision video.
● Built-in 500mAh large-capacity battery, can last for 24 hours in case of power failure.
● Time-lapse photography, recording video once every second while parking, for long-term continuous monitoring, storage space is only 1/30 of ordinary video.
● Voice control for freeing hands, record is more timely.
● APP connection for real-time photo watching and historical image consulting, the video can also be download to the local phone.
● Support muti-language, including English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese.

The driving recorder does not only need to be able to shoot clearly, the importance of the road, license plate, pedestrian and other picture details for the identification of accident liability is self-evident. 70mai Midrive D05 breaks through the mainstream configuration of the market, just for higher clarity: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-70mai-smart-dash-cam-2.html

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Xiaomi 70mai Midrive D05.jpg
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Hello guys
I would like to know how to get internet on a iphone 6s. Do you have any suggestion?
5 Replies 529 Views
You're question doesn't make sense. Every smartphone, especially iPhones, has internet access, so long as you have a subscription plan for internet access.
Same for browsers: Google should even have a shortcut on your device.
If you don't have internet, it means that you don't have a subscription plan, or it has expired and you need to renew it.
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
May be you are not able to connect to wifi/mobile date. Just go to the setting and you will find right there. It is not that complicated.
The iPhone comes with Safari which is an internet browser. You can also install Chrome. Chrome is another internet browser. I prefer to use Chrome over Safari, but both work great. You will need to connect to wifi in order to browse the internet. You will have to purchase this for your home, but if you are at a public business such as Starbucks, you can use their wifi for free to connect to the internet. I hope this helps.
Hey! I have a little dilemma. My laptop is old and I mean like 13 year old. It's a Toshiba Tecra A5. Its HDD is almost full and it's missing some keys from the keyboard. I need a new one but I don't know much about laptops. I don't need an awesome or mind blowing new model. I just need a laptop with decent specs; good memory RAM, battery... those kinds of things. One that I can use to write a lot and do some text editing. Oh, and I sometimes play lots of PC games. So, a laptop for an occasional gamer. Do you have any recommendation?
9 Replies 674 Views
From my work, I received a Lenovo to work with, and it sure was a solid pick. Not the most powerful laptop I had, wouldn't recommend it for gaming, but its work speed was real fast and could run a few huge apps at once.
Asus is also one I was happy with. Now, 6-7 years later, it still works, but with a really slow startup process, because of its age.
I personally would suggest any thing from Asus, best laptops I tried were made by them, if not you can look into HP or DELL, they have good laptops two also not that expensive, it's not gonna be the choice you pick if you're really into gaming, but honestly *i think you better wait longer to have enough money to buy a really good one than just buying whatever and end up regretting it.
How many sim cards are good for a smartphone? I thought triple sim is best but it must have disadvantages. There are also single and dual sim phones.

Which is the best smartphone? Is it a single, dual or triple sim?
4 Replies 448 Views
From what I've found, multiple SIM's allow you to do multiple things at the same time. Triple SIM would allow you, for example, to make a call, texts, and browse the internet simultaniously.

With that knowledge, there would be two disadvantages that come to mind:
  1. It would be expensive
  2. It would require more RAM, causing your phone to run out of battery quicker.
I still prefer a single sim. It still serves me well. There is a problem wh3n you use two phone providers
This is the first time I heard triple sim. Wow, how does it works? Since I'm not familiar with triple sim, dual sim is still the best for me. I am in the location wherein network signal is not stable, good thing I had dual sim. If the other network is not available, I can use the other one.
The 5G hype is coming. The newest generation of cellular technology is expected to be released early next year. However, for every reason to be excited about 5G, there's an equally good reason to hold off on any purchasing decisions just yet. It is important for us to know what is 5G technology so that we can decide if the features are right for us. We expect that it is going to be a lot faster but what are the other advantage and disadvantage of a 5G network?
4 Replies 444 Views
3 G is about using APP, 4G is about cloud-computing & socialize all our life and works. 5G is about A.I. intelligent where make people more intelligent frrom massive computing processing from the big data. The Facebook Live show is just one of the prototype of 5G application, auto-driving is one of the main application of 5G.
It's yet another hype I wish to not get involved with. It's always new and awesome, I know that, but no way I'm going to buy it the first day it comes out. I still have a perfectly functional phone, so I have no need to buy a new one.

And even if I were in need of a new one, I don't need to be up to date with the newest stuff. I don't have that big of a social life, I only need a smartphone to be in touch with people and keeping myself entertained when I'm on the road.

No, when my current...
I personally believe that it's going to be an amazing to have even faster connection than the now existing 4G. For sure the first smartphones which are going to be launched with the new technology are going to be far from perfect but I will definitely give it a go. I am so excited about the future network. Isn't this what we are all searching for, with minimum effort to get maximum results? I just hope the expenses on building up that network are not going to reflect the mobile data plans...

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