Hello everyone,

I'm looking for some emulators. This could be for Gameboy, Playstation, anything. Apps on the Google store don't interest me, probably because most of them are after my money, Wallet Warriors have a huge advantage over the free players, and I generally like Single Player games.

So does anyone have a link to a free, legit and virus-free Emulator for Android?
I think I'll be able to find some games for it, but feel free to tell me where I can find games to download for the emulators you recommend me.

Thanks in advance!
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I'd recommend epsxe for playstation and my boy for gameboy. Both of them stable and are smooth. They can be downloaded outside playstore. Try looking at apkpure to get a copy of these apps. Fpse is better then epsxe but it requires you to pay for the app. It undergoes license verification before you could actually use it. I've used both of them and fpse is just a bit smoother and has a better interface, but epsxe should suffice. My boy is the only gameboy emulator I've used and I must say...
Try using Myboy emulator. It is free and virus-free app. Hope it will help you. Godbless
I prefer YouTube because their variety of shows to watch that are not found on TV channels ,I can watch them when I want to but with TV shows I have to be their at that exact time not to miss a particular show .what's your thought TV shows or YouTube ?
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So far, most streaming services such as YouTube have offered an appropriate value: customers have more freedom of choice. Subscribers can cancel at any time, choose their own streaming device and, assuming the network is fast enough, even watch their favorite programming when they are not at home.
I'll go for you tube. You tube gives you what you want. You can choose the topic you want. I can evem watched favorite my shows on youtube. When I want to cook I can easily do it with youtubes help. I even learned this forum from you tube itself. My kids love youtube. They also learned a lot from it.
I like better the Youtube because in Youtube you can watch anything you like and if you have a questions in your mind, you can search for the answer in Youtube. If you have also want to watch the movie series that you had missed, you can watch it there also.
I only have google chrome as I use it on daily basis, recycle bin since you really need one, haha and a folder that contains stuff I often use.
I do not have the need to have many icons since I am very simple guy that does not do a lot of gaming recently, since games would occupy majority of my screen when I was younger.

So, how many of them you have and why ?
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It is advised to have minimal info on your desktop for optimal PC performance. There is a hard drive provided solely for storage purpose. Even today, many professionals fill up their desktop space with many files, images and sticky notes. The hard drive is hardly utilized which results in slower performance of the PC. I always make sure I have only the very necessary info on my desktop. All the other information goes straight into the hard drive.
Wait, all these icons are mere shortcuts, who only take up a few bytes of space. Is it really possible that a bunch of shortcuts can slow down your PC?

I mean, if your computer is getting slow, shouldn't you just consider uninstalling a single big app you don't use anymore, rather than clearing...
I have too many shortcuts. Every application even Microsoft office has shortcuts. It seems that my whole screen is filled with it. What a mess!
I don't really use my shortcuts anymore, they're just there because I was too lazy to uncheck the box for "Add shortcut on desktop". But as long as you can find your stuff relatively quick, then it would be an organized mess. And otherwise, you can always press the start button in the lower left...
I only have 10 icons in my desktop. I only display the important and the icons that I always used so it will be easy for me to find it.
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You may also want to:
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I am planning to get a new phone because my old phone was way too old to function so any suggestions? should I get an IOS or an android?
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