According to Apple's iPhone X and iPhone 8 webpages, the new devices have exactly the same dust, splash and water resistance just like last year's iPhone 7 models. In other words, iPhone 8 and iPhone X are still rated IP67 under IEC standard 60529.
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That's a bit of a given, since I doubt they'd make the iPhone X be any worse than other models. Though, then again, for its high price, you'd expect they'd make an improvement on that.
I've been thinking of buying Samsung's Galaxy s5, since it's water-resistant and uses an Android OS version that I like. I've seen several used galaxy s5 offers online and in stores, but I was wondering if getting a used model is worth it when compared to buying a brand new one. I don't want to pay more for an unused phone, but I'm worried that a used s5 will come with defects or won't be water-resistant. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
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Hello there everyone!
I am so glad that I made it here and be part of this forum site.:)
I am excited to share with you my knowledge and my option about smartphones.
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Hello there! Me, too! I am excited also to learn from here since I am not a techie person.
Smartphones are innovating drastically and I hope to further enrich what I know.
Joey Mercado
Joey Mercado
@motherof4 Good Day, We are glad that you made it here and we are so happy to hear your future opinions and experiences regarding the world of smartphones for sure many of our members can relate with it. Just don't feel hesitant to ask and participate again ,happy staying and welcome you aboard :)

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