For anyone who plans to buy a microphone for any kinds of recording, either for music, voice acting, YouTube/Twitch streaming, or anything else really, I highly recommend them to watch this video.

Not only does it fully explain why you shouldn't buy a Blue Yeti microphone, it also gives you a good idea of what you need to have high quality audio.

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Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
So what are alternative to Blue Yeti microphone if we want to use a microphone for our smartphone?

I really did not use a microphone before but maybe someday I will. :)
This is a file management app that helps you free up space, find files faster and simple browsing, share files offline with others, fast and without data, and back up your files to the cloud to save space on your device.

Link to Play Store:

It has a proper UI as well. Not only does it look professional, it also doesn't use complicated terms. You can't do things accidently because you misinterpreted a certain word.

The app also gives you helpful suggestions of files to erase before your device runs out of space. The recommendation from this app get smarter the more you use it. Before you know it, you have an app that knows exactly what you want and don't want, before you even know it yourself!

A recommendation for anyone who has trouble keeping their phone clean.
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Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
I thought if you use Android smartphones then they will have a builtin feature for you to free up space without using an app.
I've recently find a Google Chrome extension that puts Facebook in night mode. It's really handy if you love night mode on apps and/or if you want to save trouble on your eyes. In my opinion, it's better this than to download an app that turns your screen more yellow. It helps too, but I don't like to look at it. It really looks ugly then.


This on the other hand still has a decent look to it, and I can keep browsing for longer times at night or in the morning. And during the day, at work, people don't first think that I'm on Facebook, so I look like I'm doing something else that could be important, or at least professional.

Get the extension here
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Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
Does this extension work with other sites? or just with Facebook?
If yes then I would like to use it to view some websites that I usually visit and read information there. I really night mode as what you said.
I am a fan of smartphones before I am using the phone Samsung brand but since I now look over specs before the price to be practical there are a lot of Smartphone that offers good quality too. I would like to share my experience and as an owner of the Xiaomi (Mi) Brand. For now I am using the Xiaomi 4X, for span of almost 1 year but there are a lot of new model and designed they have issued.

For me , its a good smartphone because of the specs follow and they are so much easy to use and user-friendly one!

Their camera are also comparable to the existing and leasing brand as well as their security they also had the Finger print.

Kindly look at the image for your reference?

How about you are you using also the Xiaomi Products? What is your model? Can you share your experience too?


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I am using A1, else of their upgrade to the smartphone, my using of the xiaomi is also about the supporting to heir internet of things.
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
I am using MI 4 for the last 2 years, it is working quite well. And I am thinking to upgrade it to Note 7, these mobiles are really pocket-friendly . If you ask which is a great phone with all features at a low cost then MI is the one. I am sure their profit margin would be very low. As other smartphones charge very high with the same features.
Does anyone have still used pebble?

I am still currently using pebble watch. I like it so much because of the style and designs.
I am still thinking if I will switch to apple watch.
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Valerie Green
Valerie Green
I bought an Apple Watch Nike+42mm Gray W/Sport Band (L42) watch last month for my brother, the key features of this watch are

Space Gray aluminum case
Built-in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS
S3 with dual-core processor
W2 Apple wireless chip
Barometric altimeter
Capacity 16GB
Optical heart sensor
Accelerometer and gyroscope
Ion-X strengthened glass
Ceramic and sapphire crystal back (center)
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz)
Bluetooth 4.2
Up to 18 hours of battery life
Valerie Green
Valerie Green
So if you want an upgrade for your Pebble watch then Apple would be a great choice.

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