I would like to ask which device is best to use when playing an online games since both have advantages and disadvantages. I been playing lots of online games and I am having a trouble whenever I log in to a game sometimes my account can't be log in the tablet because I log in the phone. Would it be great if I only use one device in playing a game but which one is better?
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For gaming, I'd choose the tablet. Well, personally, I'd just upgrade my desktop, but having to choose between those two, surely the tablet. A regular tablet has a wider screen, better specs, and longer battery duration than a regular phone.

Only consider a phone for gaming if you need something more portable. Something you can easily carry in your pockets and that isn't too big to hold on a public bus or train.
I'd choose phones over tablets. Phone allows you to have a better grip and you could reach the buttons easily and faster compared to tablets. There are also a lot of controllers available for phones if you want to step up your games even more. I personally have tried playing Diablo II on my old device through an emulator. I played it together with a mouse and a keyboard with the help of an OTG Cable.
If you can purchase a controller for phone, wouldn't that mean you could also get one for your tablet? Meaning that the device turns into screen, thus making a tablet a better option, because you have a bigger screen.
Well, if you don't want any additional hardware to play games, I suppose...
If this information is correct, there will be only one month left to see the revival of the Nokia cameraphone.
Since HMD Global regained ownership of the PureView brand from Microsoft, there have been rumors that a Nokia smartphone with a super camera will soon appear. And that device gradually came out as Nokia 9 PureView.

Nokia 9 with 5 rear cameras.jpg

According to Nokia anew account, specializing in providing accurate information about upcoming Nokia smartphones, only one month later Nokia 9 PureView will be released. The Nokia 9 launch event will be held after the CES 2019 and right before MWC 2019.

Although the specific date has yet to be revealed, it seems that HMD Global wants to avoid CES and MWC to ensure attracting the most attention for Nokia 9.

Nokia 9 has a series of notable features such as 5 rear cameras, a fingerprint sensor under the screen. In which, 5 rear cameras are expected to be the main feature to attract consumers.

Other Nokia 9 specifications include a 6-inch screen, a Snapdragon 845 chip and 6 or 8GB of RAM. Because it is not equipped with Snapdragon 855 chip, Nokia 9 will not support 5G network.
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5 rear camera's? I'm sorry, but what does that even mean? Does it make better pictures than any other smartphone or can you take multiple pictures at once, possibly from slightly different angles? I just don't see why people would a new smartphone, just because it has 5 camera's, instead of 1.

Other than that, 6 to 8GB of RAM is certainly not bad for a smartphone. Any idea how much the maximum memory of this thing will be?
If you like Google smartphones but Pixel 3/3 XL is too expensive, and you need to buy smartphones in the first half of 2019, please wait for Pixel 3 Lite and 3 XL Lite. Expected, these two smartphones will be launched in the spring of 2019.

Currently, the specific launch date has yet to be revealed by Google.

Pixel 3 Lite and 3 XL Lite will be released in spring 2019.jpg

The first leak of Pixel 3 Lite appeared from mid-October on Russian Rozetked site. This site was in Pixel 3 XL hands before the smartphone was released for months. A few days later, a series of Pixel 3 Lite photos, as well as photos taken by this device's camera, were also posted by a series of Russian news sites. In early December, the CAD drawing of the Pixel 3 Lite leaked.

According to the most recent information, Pixel 3 Lite will have a 5.5-inch screen, Full HD + resolution, Snapdragon 670 chip, 4GB RAM, 32GB capacity, 2.915mAh battery, 12 MP rear camera, and 8MP front camera. The 6-inch screen size is the only thing we know about Pixel 3 XL Lite. Both smartphones have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

To reduce costs, they will be made entirely of plastic rather than a metal frame structure sandwiched between two familiar glass panels recently. The design of the cheap Pixel duo will be based on the configuration of the Pixel 3, so there are no rabbit ears.

From Nexus 5X in 2015, Google did not continue to launch mid-range smartphones but this year will be different. The US market is currently lacking in impressive mid-range devices, and that is the position that Google can jump into.
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Not a bad choice for a smartphone, I might even take you up on that offer and buy one when it comes out. But you say it has a memory of 32GB. In my opinion, that is not much for a smartphone these days. Is there room to put in an additional memory card to increase the maximum memory, or is my best choice to drag files from the phone onto my computer when I need more space?
You want to get a tablet but you can not afford the expensive ones ?
You might want to check out these, who are price under 100$ as of 2018:

Amazon's Fire Tablet:

-8GB of storage
-Add a microSD card for up to 200GB
-7-inch screen
-Eight hours of battery life


Lenovo Tab3 7:

-7 inch display, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
-microSD, up to 32 GB
-Camera 2 MP or 5 MP, autofocus
-Up to 9 h of battery


Asus ZenPad 7

- 7-inch screen
-Intelligent contrast
- Intel® Atom™ x3-C3230 processor
-8 MP Camera
-16 GB storage
-1000 MB RAM


Let us know in the comments which out of these three would you buy ?
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So you're telling me all these tablets can be bought for less than a hundred bucks? I would just buy them all three and then sell them at a slightly higher price on eBay or online auction site. Or just buy it as a gift for a friend or relative. Those are some relatively cheap gifts for what you get. I would even buy one for myself just to have a tablet.
Hello, dear forum members !

I want to talk about newest iPad 9.7.It was launched by Apple Inc. last year and has wild range of improvements that previous generations did not.

Some of the specifications include:

If you are interested in a video review, check this video out and give us your thoughts !

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I wish they would have at least made the iPad 9.7 RAM 3GB or 4GB. This is the exact same RAM size for the iPad Air 2.
Following years, for sure.I wonder why did not do that already since a lot of people, mostly young children use it for gaming.
I mostly used it for news and social medias.
They upgrade it each year and would probably come up with 3GB or 4GB next year.
Even smartphones nowadays have 4-8GBs of RAM. This will make the iPad struggle to function smoothly if they decide to add more functions and features to the operating system.
I always, for some reasons, looked at iPads as electronic books or newspapers.I do not understand their need for existence since they are basically larger smartphones and even have less RAM and other qualities than them.
What is the point of an iPad?
I would only buy it to serve me as a portable TV.
The first thing I look at is RAM and memory, mainly RAM, and this one only has 2GB. That amount is quickly reached when you try to open up even a single app. Sorry for everyone that really enjoys this smartphone, but anything that doesn't have 4GB isn't worth it for me. I always have Google running and one or two games, so my smartphone is always running with 2GB of active RAM.

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