The NO.1 F5 smartwatch is a low cost GPS, coupled with good appealing. It looks sporty and so far one of the best looking smartwatchs. The smartwatch has a 0.95' inch screen with 96 x 64 pixel resolution. The body is zinc alloy and can be operated via touch button key and physical buttons. It has a removable two tone silicon strap with stainless steel buckle, and is IP67 life waterproof.

Product Features:
● Using 0.95 inch 96 × 64 OLED color display round screen with Sapphire crystal glass mirror surface, which further exaggerate it's quality and beauty.
● With built-in GPS module, it can independently record GPS. It supports Google map, when connected to internet, you can use the GPS to find the right route.
● Heart rate monitor measures your heart rate, record your sports data and monitor your health condition.
● Real-time temperature and altitude measure function makes it great for outdoor sports, so that you can respond to sudden weather changes.
● Multiple sports modes record, including walking, running, climbing, swimming, and cycling.
● After connected with Bluetooth, you can experience those functions: see messages, contacts and notification reminders.
● The screen isn't always on the normally state, you can lift your hand or turn over your hand to brighten the screen.
● Support Alarm, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder, Pedometer, Finding Phone, Calls and Messages Reminder, etc.
● 380mAh battery is also convenient for your using, that last for 30 day standby time, daily use for 3 weeks, GPS use for 12 hours.
● Marked as IP67 water resistant, splash water and rain resistant, inapplicable in swimming, bathing or sauna.

The smartwatch is available in gray, green and red colors on GearVita, you can choose according to your preference. And the strap can be replaced two-color 20mm strap, really a thoughtful design:

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Macaw RT-20 earbuds features ergonomic design rests well on your ears without irritating ear-canal which will give us classic comfort. It has super sound quality because of 8mm dynamic driver for high fidelity playback. With the stylish design and high-end sound quality, compatible with the latest generations of iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Product Features:
● Ergonomic design rests well on your ears without irritating ear-canal.
● The body adopts tempered glass logo and austenitic 316 metal shell one-time molding process, which enhances the texture and duration.
● The body is more streamlined, better wearing comfort, the auditory is softer and more outstanding bass performance.
● Use carbon fiber composite nano-technology in the diaphragm moving coil unit, mixing wonderful material to make low dive deeper, more explosive transient performance.
● 8mm dynamic driver ensures the high fidelity playback.
● 3.5mm universal plug, gold-plated antioxidant lossless transmission plug. Fine workmanship, reduce signal transmission loss, detail fidelity reduction for all types of portable audio devices.
● Low-frequency elasticity and high-frequency brightness, medium-frequency fullness, wide sound may you enjoy a hearing feast.
● With the stylish design and high-end sound quality, it is compatible with the latest generations of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They work with all Androids, tablets, mp3 players, and related devices with a standard 3.5 mm jack.

Silver and black two classic colors are availble at GearVita, brushed metal process creates stronger metal feel, makes the earbuds look more stylish and trendy:

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One of the major problems which I noticed with Android phones is upgrades. Especially the cheaper additions. Let me explain what I mean.

Even though smartphones have become so much cheaper but after you buy the device most of the time it is the last support or cares a person receives from the provider and we got used to it, but it also leads to many security features as bad guys find ways to hack android phones. The good thing is Google sees the problems and the release fixes and patches to prevent attacks on your Android devices and the latest versions of Android comes with those fixes as well as the most expensive Android phones get those fixes in monthly security updates, etc. But it does not help the average Android user who does not receive any updates after buying their phone. The only way to receive an up to date version is buying a new phone every now and then.

Nokia fixed that problem by selling pure Android devices for an affordable price which receives monthly security updates and now and then a system upgrade. So they fix the problem which often occurs that after you bought the device they still care about you to make sure that at least for a time you have an up to date phone and secured with the latest patches.

For example, when the Nokia 3 was released I bought one for me, as well all know the Nokia 3 cost about $150, and it came out with Android 7, a while later I received an optional upgrade to Android 7.1 and then to Android 8. I know it is not the latest but it is amazing to receive that care after buying a phone, who else do that for cheap phones? I also receive monthly security updates.

It has already been a year since Nokia came back and most companies have not changed their policies yet. Does that mean that people are happy with the current situation, or do not realize the security threads or just have not think about it?

Because I struggle to find other people with Nokia Phones...


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